Local anglers smash club records

Two local anglers set new club records in victories at Portland Lakes’ canal.

Jason White smashed Mansfield AA club record on Sunday, 25th August with a weight of 193lbs.

Former Stags keeper Jason caught on long pole, paste and pellet from peg 22 to wipe out the previous record of 151lb set last summer.

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Top six weights were J. White 193lb, G. Eden 102lb, H. Billam 93lb, T. Stopp 86lb, J. Manning 74lb and J. Smedley 66lb. Total fish caught was 735lb.

Hat-trick man Kyle Wood set a new club record for James Maude AC after the match was switched from the islands to the canal in midweek.

One of the best Maude matches for some time, saw all anglers catching good weights. But Miracle Baits man Kyle is in top form and used his paste tactics to the maximum to take a new club record of 185lb 2oz from peg 24 and complete a hat-trick.

Second place on the same stretch was Andy Topham a very commendable 133lb 1oz from peg 27.

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At Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery, the Holmedale Lake four-hour Sunday evening match on 28th July was won by Martyn Brown.

Drawn at the peg he had won the match from in midweek - peg 39 - Martin fished his favourite method, the pole and paste down both margins, landing fish from whistle to whistle.

He put 48 carp to 9lb on the scales for a new match record of 275lb 6oz, adding 26lb to the old one.

Best of the rest was Danny Crewe fishing the method feeder on the pole down the margin with pelletfor 159lb 15oz of carp to 8lb.

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