Kirkby’s trio’s kickboxing grading success

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The All British Martial Arts Association recently held their latest Black Belt gradings, with nine-year-old Konrad Smith, from Kirkby’s Cobra Freestyle Kickboxing, passing his Junior 1st Dan Black Belt, making him the youngest Black Belt in the Association.

Two Black Belts - Rachel Bear and Calum Wright - passed their 3rd Dan grading, both from Ashfield Tigers Kickboxing in Kirkby.

The examiners were Masters Phil Beniston 8th Dan, Pete Keeling 8th Dan, Taz Towers and Grandmaster Douglas Dewar 9th Dan.

For further information on local classes call Phil on 07707 642211.

Pictured, from the left, are: Phil Beniston, Pete Keeling, Rachel Bear, Konrad Smith, Calum Wright, Taz Towers, and Douglas Dewar.