John Dempster - Mansfield Town’s new modern day coach with old school values

John Dempster has been explaining how he sees his management style in his first senior role as the new boss of Mansfield Town – as a modern coach with old school values.

John Dempster, Mansfield Town manager.
John Dempster, Mansfield Town manager.

Dempster took on the role on Tuesday after David Flitcroft was sacked and said: “I expect high standards and if people aren’t hitting the standards I expect I will tell them.

“I love dealing with people, I love dealing with players, and I like to get the best out of people.

“I demand high standards and I expect a positive attitude. I expect people to attack the day with a positive mindset.

“You want people who bring something to the environment. You want characters.”

He continued: “I will give people respect and I expect the same back.

“I was brought up to treat people how you want to be treated. That will remain the case going forward.

“I guess I could be seen as a bit more of a modern day coach because I am still only 36 and I have done my qualifications over the last four or five years.

“But I believe in old school values with hard work, doing your best every day, wanting to be part of a successful team, putting the team first – these are all things I value dearly and I will expect the same from my players and staff.

“Hard work is the foundation for any football club in my view.”