MANSFIELD Conquerors U16s achieved a rare victory in the Supplementary Cup semi-final when they beat Lambley 2-1 after extra time

There were two good 'Reasons for their success - scorers R. Reason and M. Reason.

There was nothing quite as close as that in the U15 Supplementary Cup Divison One, in which Tuxford Colts won 11-0 at Annesley Welfare, with R. Scarborough scoring seven of the goals.

In the Under-14 Supplementary Cup Division Two R. Coleman scored four for South Forest but still ended on the losing side as Rainworth Rangers ran out 7-4 winners. Rangers, too, had their four-goal hero in A. Molyneaux.

Another side not used to celebrating victory, Creswell Foxes U13s, were ecstatic after beating Ritz Rangers 5-1 in Division Two of that age group s Supplementary Cup.

Their opponents in the final will be Marshall Stingers who won 3-0 at Woodhouse Rangers.

Meanwhile, Woodhouse Colts booked their place in the final of the GT Sports KO Cup with a 3-1 win at Sutton Colts, one of S. Clarey s two goals coming from the spot.

Divison One of the U13 Supplementary Cup pits Shirebrook Rangers against Cumberland in the final.

Shirebrook won 3-0 at Ashfield Youth, while Robin Hood battled hard at Cumberland despite being a man short - they held their hosts to 2-2 at half time, but in the second half Cumberland s man advantage told and they popped in two more to win 4-2.

Among the small-sided games, Skegby Colts needed a penalty shoot-out to send ADASC United out of the U10 Supplementary Cup after a 1-1 draw - an outcome duplicated in winners Robin Hood Red s U9 Divison One Supplementary semi-final against Codnor Boys.

In the Division Two semi-final C. Kiddey hit five as Interski empatically beat Selston 8-0.


UNDER-16: Supp Cup SF - Beaufort 1 (L. Newby) Rainworth Colts 2 (L. McCulloch, I. Hall); Conquerors 2 (R. Reason, M. Reason) Lambley 1 (L. Whitchurch) aet. League - 4th Woodhouse 1 (D. Holey) Woodhouse Colts 4 (P. Singhal 2, J. Troughton,J. Cox); Annesley Welfare 2 (N. Clay, G. Mitchell) Ladybrook 0; Ollerton 1 (S. Brown) Ch Warsop 0; Tibshelf 4 (L. Nicholls 2, R. Kew, A. Bellamy) Chesterfield 3 (C. Meygasi, K. Parks 2); Welbeck 5 (S. Greswell 2, A. Alambritis, A. Carr, R. Gallagher) Sutton SJ 0.

UNDER-15: GT Cup SF - Pinxton 1 (S. Skabilis) Drezden 6 (R. Hallison 4, S. Wilson, R. Greenshire). Supp Cup SF Div I - Clipstone 1 (S. Grozier) Robin Hood 3 (J. Worthington, A. Rogers, L. Mitchinson); Annesley MW 0 Tuxford 11 (P. Oates, S. Clarke, R. Scarborough 7, J. Jefferson). Supp Cup Div II - 4th Woodhouse 4 (R. Pinder 2, B. Hales, C. Armson) Derwent 1 (S. Simpson). Benevolent Div I - Mansfield CW 9 (J. Scott 3, A. Spencer 3, C. Dunn 2, K. Watson) Woodhouse Colts 0; Ollerton 1 (M. Concannon) Shirebrook 3 (A. Marsh, C. Gibson, J. Welch); Manor 2 (C. McDonald 2) Bilsthorpe 1 (D. Bodill).

UNDER-14: Supp Cup SF Div I - S Normanton 1 (M. Skidmore) Drezden 3 (C. Hewitt 3); Beaufort 1 (S. Schofield) Sutton-on-Trent 0. Div I - Robin Hood 0 North Notts 0. Supp Cup SF Div II - Co-op Invicta 6 (D. Kimberley, A. Jones, D. Kinsey, W. Davies, T. Cowlishaw, S. Powney) Sherwood Park 0; Sth Forest 4 (R. Coleman 4) Rainworth Rangers 7 (A. Pashley, A. Molyneaux 4, D. Steele 2). League - Forest Town 0 Healdswood 5 (M. Oduba, R. Callaghan, J. Whitmore 3); 4th Woodhouose 2 (D. Bayliss 2) Ashfield Yth 3 (D. Stone 2, L. Drury).

UNDER-13: KO Cup SF - Sutton Colts 1 (B. Jones) Woodhouse Colts 3 (S. Clarey 2 (1 pen), L. King); Sup Cup SF Div I - Ashfield Youth 0 Shirebrook 3 (K. Turnbull 2, og); Cumberland 4 (A. Monnington 2, J. Barker 2) Robin Hood 2 (A. Gorman, S. Hall). Division I - Tibshelf 2 (J. Harris, A. Blair) Minors 5 (J. Walters, R. Guest, B. Williams 3). Supp Cup Div II - Creswell Foxes 5 (D. Eaton 2, N. Davies 2, M. Murdoch) Ritz Rangers 1 (L. Boaler); Woodhouse Rangers 0 Marshalls Stingers 3 (S. Slack, P. Buxton, T. Hind).

UNDER-12: Supp Cup Div I - Woodhouse Colts 3 (B. O Neil, N. Bell, R. Walker) Rainworth Tigers 1 (A. Jennings); Selston 2 (K. Masterson, M. Barrick pen) Derwent 8 (A. Bendford, A. Boulton 4, N. Hursthouse 2, og).Division I - Mansfield CW 7 (M. Mays 2, A. Kitchen 2, G. Collins, C. Payne, J. Ward) Shirebrook 0; Welbeck 4 (C. Murphy 2, S. Adams, S. Lee) Bilsthorpe 2 (M. Wood, C. Atkins); Newstead Villa 4 (S. Gregory, B. Stokes, C. Harrison, D. Severn) Grove 0. Supp Cup Div II - Ashfield Youth 1 (K. Clarke) Cumberland 0; Skegby 3 (J. Hutchinson, M. Daft, J. Willows) Rainworth Rangers 2 (D. Seargeant, C. Massey). Divison II - Tibshelf 2 (J. Seward, R. Green) Pinxton Villa 2 (L. Pardoe, L. Hutchinson); Quarrydale 1 (D. Smith) Beaufort 1 (J. Ashley); Annesley Colts 0 Sutton Celtic 0.

UNDER-11: Benevolent Cup - Debdale 1 (J. Delahoussaye) Mansfield CW 2 (J. Antcliff, J. Williams). Supp Cup Div I - Derwent 2 (G. Louden 2) Robin Hood 0; Ashfield Youth 3 (D. Shaw, J. Bullock, M. Dear) Selston 1 (D. Airey). Division I - Woodhouse Imps 1 (J. Bailey) Shirebrook 5 (A. Tait 2, B. Reeves, R. Spizer, N. Alich); Welbeck 0 Leabrooks 0. Supp Cup Div II - Thoresby 0 Rainworth Tigers B 2 (R. McGinley, R. Johnson); 4th Woodhouse 6 (C. Strouther 3, D. Whitehead, C. Holmes, D. Neilson) Rainworth Rangers 2 (R. Briggs 2). Division II - Walesby 0 Rainworth Tigers A 3 (R. West 3); Woodhouse Colts 4 (D. Seagrave 2, A. Rathe 2) Sherwood Park 0; Blackwell 0 Beaufort 4 (G. Pearce, T. Gregorczyk, T Burrell, S. Whyman); Mansfield Ath 5 (C. Gould 3, C. Wagstaff, R. Belcher) Sutton Rangers 1 (C. Whetton).

UNDER-10: Div I Supp Cup SF - Welbeck 3 (Evans, Cook, Coote) Ravenshead 0; Walesby 4 (C. White 2, L. Eccleshare, R. Darby) Derwent 2 (R. Pitchford 2). Division I - Shirebrook A 1 (D. Parsons) Robin Hood 1 (J. Stennett); Pinxton Villa 2 (D. Evans 2) Interski 3 (L. Goulding 2, L. Briggs); Blidworth MW 2 (N. Comery, N. Watson) 2 Pinxton Villa 0 (played midweek); Blidworth MW 6 (M. Freestone 3, K. Thacker, N. Comery, N. Watson) Selston 2 (J. Adcock, T. Smith); Sutton Celtic 1 (D. Cresswell) Marshalls 1 (A. Millington).Div II Supp Cup SF - Sherwood Park 3 (T. Nash, D. Dallman, D Shaw) 4th Woodhouse 0; ADASC United 1 (K. Morton) Skegby 1 (D. Yoole) aet, Skegby won 3-1 after shoot-out. Division II - Rockets 3 (S. Worrall, T. Moody, S. Bryan) Ashfield Youth 0; Rainworth Tigers 0 Shirebrook B 2 (J. Mutter, A. Allfree); Codnor 0 Warsop Wdrs 1 (J. McGurk).

UNDER-9: Div I Supp Cup SF - Robin Hood Red 2 (D. Rich 2) Codnor 2 (L. Duerdon, K. Murphy) aet, Robin Hood won shoot-out 3-1; ADASC (no scorer given) 1 Woodhouse Colts Red 2 (no scorers given). Divison I - Blidworth MW 1 (J. Giles) Welbeck 3 (T. Cameron 2, J. Sadler). Div II Sup Cup SF - Selston 0 Interski 8 (C. Kiddey 5, M. Parrish, A. Severn, N. Pike); Shirebrook 2 (D. Hallam, J. Marsh) Rainworth Tigers 1 (K. Durkin). Division II - Mansfield CW 0 Ashfield Youth 3 (D. Abbott 2, T. Shotbolt); Robin Hood White 1 (C. Higginson) Drezden 4 (L. Croucher 2, A. Roy, DG Tobin).

UNDER-8: Benevolent League - Robin Hood 3 (D. Tyson, J. Croft, J. Shaw) Woodhouse Colts 0. Supp Cup SF - Welbeck 1 (J. Ives) Codnor. League - Interski 1 (T. Dallison) Clipstone 1 (L. Vardy).

GIRLS: U15 Ben League - Rainworth Tigers 1 (R. Burn) Vernon 2 (S. Thomas, S. Rodgerson); Ripley 3 (J. Parr 2, D. Parker) Codnor 4 (C. Platts 2, N. Smyth, L. Dolan). U13 Ben League - Ripley 0 Robin Hood 1 (K. Gunstone); Selston 0 Pinxton VF 1 (L. Hardy). League - Interski 3 (S. Chapman, A. Hardy, H. Boodle) Sherwood Park 2 (A. Short, K. Roe); Rainworth Tigers 2 (K. Burn 2) Welbeck 2 (S. Miller, A. Hawkins). U12 League - Littleover 7 (S. Lynch 2, C. Cooper 2, C. Taylor-Wright 2, C. Francis) Robin Hood 1 (L. Howard); Ollerton 1 (S. Kirby) Rainworth Tigers 2 (K. Swan, L. Elton); Ripley 0 Welbeck 3 (L. Williams 2, N. Drury).

l The monthly general meeting takes place tomorrow (Thursday) at Thoresby Colliery Welfare, Edwinstowe, from 7pm. All clubs should be represented, and any club tendering apologies shouold send a large sae to the league secretary so that AGM and other information can be sent on to them.