We deserved more than a point – Mansfield Town’s Rhys Oates

Mansfield Town striker Rhys Oates believes Mansfield Town deserved more than the point from tonight's impressive 1-1 draw against in-form Port Vale,

By John Lomas
Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 11:10 pm
Mansfield Town v Port Vale action tonight Pic - Chris Holloway / The Bigger Picture.media
Mansfield Town v Port Vale action tonight Pic - Chris Holloway / The Bigger Picture.media

“I think it was a great display from the team all round and I think we deserved more than what we get. We deserved a win,” he said.

“We went 1-0 down but showed we've got the grit and determination to keep fighting, keep playing the way we were, keep getting on the ball and creating chances and we deserved a lot more.”

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He added: “I think that has been coming. We work hard in training and I think that is going to be a big confidence booster for us all.

“As a team we all know the basics is work hard, determination, put everything in and then just get on the ball and be confident.

“It's hard when you've not been winning and confidence is low to try to build yourself up. But we've done that tonight and we have rallied as a team.

“Maybe we've been trying too hard to make things happen when we've just got to play your usual game and do what we know we're good at. Then it will all come together.

“Tonight showed we are all willing to work really hard and individually we are all really good players. We should be a lot higher than we are but results have not gone away.

“A lot of the defeats have been close, tight games we've not deserved to lose.”

Stags have not won for 13 games but Oates said: “The dressing room seems a lot happier after tonight.

“The supporters were great throughout the game. They clapped us off even though we've not won. It shows all they want is the hard work, determination and for us to put everything on the line.”