VIDEO: Were Mansfield Town robbed by a bad offside decision at Oldham?

Danny Rose can't believe his late strike is ruled out for offside.
Danny Rose can't believe his late strike is ruled out for offside.

Were Mansfield Town denied a crucial 3-3 draw at Oldham Athletic yesterday due to a bad offside decision over their last gasp equaliser by Danny Rose.?

The goal was chalked off by an offside flag, but Sky Sports TV replays suggested Rose was onside when Jacob Mellis' shot came back to him off the post.

How crucial that could prove to be in the final outcome to this thrilling season.

Manager David Flitcroft was adamant: “As soon as it has come off the post Danny has reacted and he is onside at that point. He is not in line with it.”

Most fans seemed to agree with Flitcroft and the Sky pundits.

Stagshead said: “Bring on VAR never offside.”

Bellwhif said: “That goal should have stood. He was onside when the shot went in. The lino gave it on where he was when it came back off the post. That sort of officiating could well cost a promotion."

TBS agreed: “Terrible decision Lino, thanks a bundle,” while Stagsfan6493 added: “Shocking by the Lino.”

Gazza1988 said: “ Definitely should have stood. Reminiscent of Larkin's goal that was chalked off in the play-off final way back in 03/04. Not the attempt, just a goal questionably denied.”

However, ParisStag said: “From the replay I saw it looked like he was ever so slightly offside. Need to see it again to be sure, but it's a fine margin.”

It wasn't the only decision to go against Stags and Suttonian added: “Two more big decisions not mentioned yet; the ref looking straight at the stags player appealing for a penalty while the Oldham defender still had his arms around his waist preventing him getting to the ball which the ref waved away, and that awful shoulder barge on Benning which sent him into the stags bench and resulted in nothing more than a throw-in to Oldham. Yet another penalty turned down and a possible red card for dangerous play.”