Tom Head’s Nottingham Forest blog: Billy Davies is bad for the club

For months, we’ve tolerated Billy Davies off the pitch, sedated by a successful start to the season and having the strongest team I’ve seen Trent-side for at least 15 years.

We’ve turned the occasional blind eye to his increasingly erratic behaviour, cloaked only behind a cohesive team getting positive results.

Those results however, are missing. Billy has nothing left to hide behind - and nothing left to convince me he is the right man to take us forward.

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Usually, I’d call for patience and stability. Support the manager, because at this stage of the season, eighth place is nothing like a disaster, and being only a point outside of the play-offs isn’t exactly a cataclysmic failure.

We were in an identical position last year under Sean O’Driscoll, and he lost his job thanks to the ‘ownership by hand-grenade’ techniques employed by Fawaz Al-Hasawi.

His charm had already worn thin by the time this season started, but it’s easy to forget his character when the team were doing so well, and that is a fans prerogative: To positively support the men on the pitch, who service those of us in the stands.

His altercation with a photographer on Tuesday - who, much to Davies’ annoyance, was their to take photographs - became the latest in a long line of bizarre events that have involved him and the media.

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He is bad for Nottingham Forest in my opinion. I find myself apologising to people from different clubs for Billy’s behaviour, and strenuously stating that his actions or views do not represent the honest, fair-spirited majority that are involved with the club.

I’m not one to stick the boot in, but Davies is making a mockery of my team in my view.

Yes, he’ll applaud our travelling fans, and claim our victories are for the supporters, but there’s no conviction in what he says.

It was believable for a long time, but in retrospect, he’s only trying to keep the fans happy so no-one will ask the difficult questions about his relationship with Forest.

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Why are we in exactly the same position, one year later? It’s time to abdicate, or wait for the revolution and be dethroned.

Some things in football matter a little more than the results, and I will not tolerate a stigmatised Forest team, that has it’s name dragged into the gutter.