Tom Head’s Forest Blog: Is this year’s Championship just Pointless?

Is it me, or is the Championship just a sporting representation of the BBC game show, Pointless?

The object of the game is to acquire as little points as possible, and the jackpot is increased every time an answer scores no points.

With the top eight sides currently sharing the collective form of a racehorse with three legs, it would appear that those chasing promotion are trying to avoid accumulating any points whatsoever.

Crystal Palace have gone five games without a goal, Forest have gone five games without a win, Middlesbrough and Leicester have shared just three wins between them in six weeks - with two of those victories coming last night. Even Cardiff, the team that has outshone all, only sealed promotion with a run of three wins in 10 games.

Furthermore, thank heavens we are not embroiled in the fiercest relegation dogfight I can recall. With three games left in the season, Charlton, the team in ninth, can still get relegated. What a truly insane nine months it has been.

It is imperative to remember the intensity of our survival battle last season - which effectively ended with two games to go, securing our safety in mid-April - a year ago yesterday, as it happens.

You’d all forgotten about that, hadn’t you? Be honest. I certainly did, reeling from the disappointment of the defeat to Boro, I couldn’t hide my ambivalence towards our current form.

It was only today, after a good sleep and three pots of tea, that I realised we are actually in a position some fans would have killed to be in, at the first game of this season -separated from a top-six spot, by one point, and two places.

When O’Driscoll left, we were told to abandon our satisfactory concession of ‘building for next year’.

Promotion, or at least a play-off campaign, was very much back on the agenda.

Of course, between Boxing Day 2012 and now, there has been upheaval of the most incomprehensible kind.

We haven’t just gone from A to B, have we? More like a whole detour around the alphabet, dabbling in Greek calligraphy, with a quick stop at the service stations at ‘W’, and now - we are here. At ‘B’. As my analogies get worse by the week, the same is happening with Forest’s form.

It’s the same mistakes coming from the same patterns in every match - we dominate early on, let a goal in against the run of play, and struggle to get back into the game.

It is not a mannerism of a team looking for an unlikely Premier League berth. Then again, minus an imperious seven-game winning streak, we haven’t been top-flight material, have we?

In fact, who else in the play-off shake-up has been consistently good enough to go up?

It’s been a poor week so far, but it’s hardly apocalyptic, is it?

Two of our last three games are at home, and with Leicester and Palace facing each other on Saturday, we can capitalise on the guarantee that at least one of them will drop points.

In fact, if we were to finish seventh or lower, that would be far less devastating than some may think.

As it stands, we are not ready for promotion, and if Billy has the whole of next year to mastermind a genuine season of success, we’ll be in a position miles better than what we are in now.

Whatever happens, the fight we’ve shown in the last third of the season has been enough to make me a very proud Red.

A win against Barnsley on Saturday could just reignite some of that fiery passion that has lit up these last couple of months.

Because, let’s face it- what is a season without a crushing defeat in a play-off semi-final?