Tom Head’s Forest Blog: A minority of dissenters will not represent a majority of supporters

When revolutions have spawned in the past, it takes a vast amount of people, with a vast amount of patience and belief, to yield anything in the way of success.

So imagine my surprise to hear that a number of Forest fans - most definitely a small minority - booed the team off on Wednesday night, after dominating a strong Blackburn side that, even amongst this tumultuous period at their club, still remain promotion favourites.

A bit of perspective never goes amiss: Though Blackburn have come across as the proverbial ‘travelling circus’ recently, they are not a side to be taken lightly.

The £8m they spent on Jordan Rhodes was more than we spent on 12 new signings this summer.

The only way this statement of intent could have been louder and more clear would be through Brian Blessed shouting the deal into a megaphone, live on Sky Sports News.

The boo boys, as they are often referred to, disappoint us all, but how many of us can say we are genuinely surprised by them?

For most football fans, the welfare of their club is paramount. That is as trivial as saying Forest play in red. Yet, there are some, and I’m sure this will resonate with a lot of you, that believe it is more important to be ‘right’, rather than optimistically back the team.

Football’s most alluring quality is its unpredictable nature. If you have ever tried sticking a couple of pounds on a weekend accumulator, you will know exactly where I’m coming from.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, and that is what makes us fall back in love with the game a week after it has brutally broken our heart. Being wrong is a fan’s guilty pleasure, as it proves all is healthy and well in this sporting equilibrium.

The fans I allude to are the ones that are always the first to call for the head of the manager, after two consecutive losses. They are always the first to tell you why X and Y aren’t fit to wear the shirt... seven minutes into a game. They are also the first ones to take that insufferable ‘I told you so’ tone, referring to when they said something utterly menial, but viewing it in their own eyes as a revolutionary statement.

They start sentences with “You know what it is, right...”, and insist how different it would all be if they were in charge. Worst all of all, they are threatening to derail the slow and steady progress of my football club, and do you know something? I’ve grown quite fond of Nottingham Forest, over the years.

They believe a new manager should know his best 11, from 12 new players, after nine league games. If any of these dissenters had a brain, they could be dangerous.

However, as creatures of democracy, we have to respect anyone’s right to an opinion, no matter how distorted or ridiculous. I’d quote Voltaire, or insist that any censorship on free speech defeats the very principles of free speech in the first place, but this is all getting a bit heavy for a blog that could be reduced simply to “Stop Booing!”

What I want to express is not just my distaste for fans with more anger than perspective, but something more obvious. For me, quick and easy success produces nothing more than fools gold. If you want profiles over quality, instant achievement over sensible foundations, and the right to create a toxic atmosphere after a goalless game, you are very much in wrong place at the City Ground.

If you want a well-thought out, meticulously planned future, then stick around. You are in for one hell of a ride.