Stags supporters split over team being booed for Checkatrade display

Emotions are running high as Mansfield Town fans continue to be split over the decision of some of them to boo their side off following a 3-1 home defeat by Lincoln City in the opening group Checkatrade Trophy game at the One Call Stadium last night.

Wednesday, 30th August 2017, 3:11 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:45 pm
Mansfield vs Lincoln - Paul Raynor and Steve Evans - Pic By James Williamson

The Stags side showed 10 changes with boss Steve Evans warning fans in advance there would be wholesale changes to get minutes into players for the league, which was his priority.

However, after seeing Stags let a 1-0 lead slip before losing to two late goals, there were boos ringing round the ground.

Evans said fans who booed needed to get some perspective and a reality check which sparked a row that continued on social media and the web today.

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Withnail said: “I wish I’d not taken the competition seriously, just as Evans did. I could have saved myself £15 plus the petrol and a 30 mile round trip.

“Not pleased that he’s taking us for mugs and I fully understand why some might vent their displeasure.”

READ THE MATCH REPORTREAD STEVE EVANS’ REPLY TO FANS WHO BOOEDREAD LOMAS ON STAGS COLUMN OPINION ON THE BOOSREAD STEVE EVANS ON PLAYERS GOING IN AND OUT BEFORE TRANSFER DEADLINETerry’s view was: “Thanks Steve. Now you have told me that this is not a priority, I won’t bother spending my time/emotional energy, or paying more money to go to the other games in this trophy.

“I would also be very grateful if you would take the time out of your very busy and important life to let me know if we are going to bother with the FA Cup.

“I seriously hope I am wrong about you. If I am right, you will have put my club back 5/10 years. If not, I will very, very gladly give £1,000 to a proper local charity, should we get promoted whilst you are in charge.”

Tippy Tappy Football added: Lincoln wanted it more tonight and deserved to win on their second half performance.

“Danny Cowley suggests in his interview on BBC Radio Lincs that they were fitter than the Stags and that is why they started to dominate the game.

“Evans’ record in August reads: Played 6 Won 1, Drawn 2, Lost 3. He needs to start bringing home those bags of coal.”

Nutty Stag said: “The one who needs to give his head a shake is Mr Evans.

“If he thinks that people can afford to spend money on games that we aren’t going to compete in then that needs addressing.

“If that’s his attitude then he needs to advise the paying customers as to when and where the team will perform.”

Bigalstag added: “Good luck to the club trying to sell the final two group games with the comments the manager has come out with tonight -money is to hard to come by, without throwing it away.”

However, there were just as many fans keen to take Evans’ advice on perspective and seeing the bigger picture.

Amber Andy said: “Many of our fans see this competition as a joke. Yet when we lose they boo. I enjoyed the game,” while Bobbystagsfan said: “Everyone should know the league is the priority. I assume we’ll give the FA cup a go, but this is just a bit of a rubbish tournament

Kyle B said: “The fans on here slating Evans seriously get a grip. Last night meant nothing.

“The cup is a farce with the introduction of the under 21 teams.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone is on the end of a battering from us. He just needs to settle the back four and we will be fine.

“Let’s see where we are at the beginning of October. Then start to worry if we aren’t there or thereabouts.”

Bellw added: “Perspective. A reserve team got a run out in a tin pot cup game. It’s August. Stop panicking.”

Kcassellsfootballgenius said: “Don’t get the booing at all but I’ve grown to expect it from certain elements of our ‘fans’.

“In fact I can’t think of a time I would boo my own team.

“Yes I have a moan and a grumble like most but never actually aim negativity directly at the team - I just don’t see the point.”

Georgefostersbeard added: “The booing not only seems petty but also nonsensical.

“That could be Jack Thomas’ last experience of playing for his home town club whilst those few who did well walked off to boos.

“I just don’t get it. This was not a case of a Holdsworth style 90 minutes of running around like headless and classless chickens.

“We were good in the first half and absolute rammel in the second. But booing can’t help.”

Sheffieldstag’s view was: “I’m afraid that expectations are too high.

“The club and some fans have got carried away and seem to believe that we should be thrashing every team we play.

“Fans are not known for their patience, caused by the Premiership effect!

“I cant remember constant booing in the 90s when we had some dire teams, questionable football and poor games.”

“Certain fans do need to have a bit of perspective. Rome wasn’t built in a day and people need some patience.”