OPINION: It’s time the Derby County boss Frank Lampard Chelsea move rumour was put to bed one way or the other

Derby County manager Frank Lampard - will he stay or will he go?Derby County manager Frank Lampard - will he stay or will he go?
Derby County manager Frank Lampard - will he stay or will he go?
Well, another week has passed and still the Frank Lampard, ‘will he or won’t he’ saga drags on.

We have had weeks of reading of his impending move to Chelsea.

Hour after hour it gets mentioned on TV and radio and still the situation is unresolved.

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The national media have already made their minds up that he is going. It’s like they are actually directing him to take the job at his old club.

Every day another ex-team mate or a so-called expert is quoted with their take on the whole situation and still we are told that no official approach has been made by Chelsea to Derby to speak to him.

Some nation newspapers have claimed that he has either already had discussions with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich or has told Derby that he wants to leave whilst local papers, who are usually more accurate, have just reported the actual proven facts.

But it’s getting beyond a joke now and perhaps it would be better now for Derby in the longer term if this was resolved sooner rather than later.

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We are a few weeks away from the start of pre-season and during that time we may need to appoint a new boss and let him make the signings to carry the team forward.

What the past few weeks have shown us is the total lack of respect that several media outlets have for non-Premier League teams.

If the unlikely does happen and Lampard signs a new deal, we will go through all of this again should the Chelsea or, indeed, possibly the West Ham job come up again.

Enough is enough - it’s time Chelsea, Frank Lampard and Derby County brought the matter to a close.