NOTTINGHAM FOREST BLOG: We need a miracle, says Reds fan Steve Corry

STILL UNBEATEN -- Belper United.
STILL UNBEATEN -- Belper United.

On Sunday 11th of October I was one of the lucky 3,000.

I got to see the world premiere of I Believe in Miracles at the legendary City Ground.

Jonny Owen’s feature film is one of the most magical and enchanting football stories ever told. It’s easy to be biased but when you compare the story of Nottingham Forest to the likes of Celtic, Real Madrid and Juventus it’s a bit more remarkable.

The clubs mentioned have their own unique tales to be told when it comes to the European Cup, but Forest’s is more astounding because it has never been achieved before and will never happen again!

It was also fantastic to see the whole team on the night (apart from Martin O’Neil, who was on duty with Ireland).

They lined up in front of the Trent End with the most prestigious trophy in club football, and they took time out to meet the fans as well. The film itself is simplistic but perfectly structured, it is basically narrated by the players themselves and it gives you a real insight into the reign of Brian Clough.

Without giving too much away it also provides a fair bit of humour and some light hearted accounts of match preparation for some of the biggest games in the club’s history. It couldn’t be more poignant because we are almost in the exact league position today that we were when Mr Clough arrived in 1975!

Unfortunately we must return to present day; and reflect on yet another defeat. The latest team to take an obligatory three points of the Tricky Trees were bottom side Bristol City. In all honesty they completely deserved their win and should have won by a bigger margin.

Without doubt I can say that this was the worst performance of the season by Forest. Yes, we were once again decimated by injuries but I haven’t seen such a sheer lack of belief since losing away at Yeovil Town, under the management of Gary Megson.

Next up are high flying Burnley, and it is imperative that we put in a shift. If not, the pressure on Dougie Freedman will multiply and with Nigel Pearson lurking in the shadows, it could be the beginning of the end for the Scotsman. Again I must stress that any manager will struggle with our current situation.

Dougie’s hands are tied when it comes to selecting a decent eleven. However, he must inject more passion and fight in his troops. Perhaps he do with watching The 300 rather than the Forest film!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have noted my distain for living in the past and continuously dining out on the glory years. Gone are the days when I used to throw my mates after being accused of such things and politely asking them to close the drawbridge behind them!

So enjoy the film and once again we can all start believing in miracles, we sure as hell need one right now!

By Steve Corry