Robin Hood White progress in League Cup

A hat-trick from S. Hall helped Robin Hood White to make progress in the second round of the League’s Stamper Cup.

Three goals from Hall and a strike from K. Laffertry eased Robin Hood to a 4-2 win over Blidworth Welfare 703.

PSV Woodhouse hit the goal trail in Division One as they smashed Woodhouse Legion 10-1, with B. Grieves and L. Wilson both hitting three goals each.

Kirkby Cross Snooker Hall edged out Princes Charles 5-4 in a goal thriller.

Unwin Social Club enjoyed an impressive win 6-3 win at home to Ritz Rangers, with two goals from two from S. Fisher helping his side to the win.

The goals flowed as Shirebrook Rovers proved too strong for Langwith White Star.S. Dockwray scored three goals in vain with Corbett, Lyons, Whalley and Mack sealing the Shirebrook win.

LEAGUE’S STAMPER CUP 2ND ROUND: Robin Hood White 4 (S. Hall 3, K. Lafferty), Blidworth Wel 703 2 (G. Beavis).

DIVISION ONE: PSV Woodhouse 10 (B. Grieves 3, L. Wilson 3, D. Bramwell 2, S. Geere, J. Everett), Woodhouse Legion 1 (C. Taylor); Cockle 06 2 (R. North 2), New Ravo 2 (R. Williams); Kirkby Cross Snooker Hall 5 (J. Maudsley, B. Hunt, D. Simpson, Brady Wood, R. Dallison), Prince Charles 4; Langwith White Star 3 (S. Dockwray 3), Shirebrook Rovers 4 (K. Corbett, A. Lyons, J. Whalley, A. Mack); Unwin Social Club 6 (S. Fisher 2, D. Bonser, J. Hudson, R. Pepper, N. Cody), Ritz Rangers 3 (M. Cumberpatch, J. Liriano, E. Newbury).

DIVISION TWO: Innovate 4 (K. Clarkson 2, R. Allsop, A. Shaw) AFC Bull Farm 1 (J. Brentnell); Abbott Road 2 (J. Bird, Jon Rowe), Regent 2; Johnson’s Building 2 (C. Kiddy, H. Chatterton), Fox & Crown 1; Rose & Crown 0, Woodhouse Colts 8 (C. Stockton 2, S. Sims 2, M. Grimshaw, A. Spencer, R. Potts, 1.O.G).

DIVISION THREE: Redgate 2 (B. Worthington 2), 6 Five Two’s Taxis 2 (M. Wright, C. Wagstaff); Black Rose 4 (B. Jones 4), Robin Hood Red 2; Stag & Pheasant 2 (C. Wallace, J. Whitehouse), The Bold Forester 2 (S. Bradwell, P. Brudzinski); Joey’s Old Boys 5 (R. Widdowson 2, R. Bailey 2, J. Allsop) , Shirebrook Wanderers (B) 7 (D. Airlie 2, J. Drury 2, C. Wilkinson, J. Matthews, C. Hayden). DIVISION FOUR: Ravo Vallecano 5 (J. Parrish 3, M. Kemp 2), Rifle Volunteer United 1 (S. Lynn); Shirebrook Wanderers (A) 5 (R. Keeton, A. Richardson, J. Plastow, N. Fletcher, I. Howse), Acorn Signs 2 (L. Parkin 2); Derwent 0, Bull Farm 6 (S. Thorpe 3, A. Roy, J. Grant, B. Cox); The Masons Arms 2 (D. Michalezuk, N. Hannant), Oak Tree Mango’s 2 (C. Robertson, R. White); Reindeer 1 (J. Harbor), Mansfield Ath (Sun) 3 (A. Adams, D. Bullock, A. Prudance);