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After Ben Tomlinson (pictured) left to join the Imps on a undisclosed four-figure fee, rumoured to be around £7,000, the void now must be filled.

There are a number of ways which the gaffer can go around this, each having its own advantage and disadvantage.

It could be to use the money received from Lincoln and spend it on another striker. Depending on whom that may be, it can work out as, in football, ‘usually’ you get what you pay for.

You want a 20-goal a season forward from the Conference South? Simple. Pay. He plays. He scores. We win. Obviously it’s not always that simple and that is the downside.

We could waste that money and get a forward who will slowly ferment on the bench and eventually be sold for a nominal fee.

I believe that I know the right way Alfreton should go around this.

To emulate the top economic European clubs such as Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and others, we have be clever with any money we get in and circulate it back into the club in order to increase the revenue.

How do we do this and maintain good results? Raid the free-agent market.

A simple, effective market full of players who need a fresh start.

Think of it as a warehouse full of merchandise that nobody wants but are willing to buy.

Many players who get released from Championship level and below use Conference teams to build back their career. This is no different.

As for the type of players, they should be U21 at very least as the younger the less need to move on after a good season.

Also Alfreton desperately need a player with flair, someone who can change the game in the midfield, as goals are going to be harder than ever to come across.

Frankie Merrifield is a great example of a youngster in search of first team football, who’s got great potential and can be a great addition to the Reds’ midfield.

There are a number of players out there who failed to make the grade at other big clubs but could certainly be influential at the Impact Arena.

It all comes down to how Nicky Law sees the future. Will he take risks on younger unknown players or keep going with the same squad and same outcome?

Time will tell, but all we know is the needs will soon become musts if additions don’t start happening.