Nigel Clough unhappy as Mansfield Town come under VAR spotlight for the first time at Wembley

Mansfield Town will find themselves under the VAR spotlight for the first time at Wembley on Saturday.

Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 9:55 am

It is a move not welcomed by Stags boss Nigel Clough, despite so many awful decisions having gone against them over the regular season.

“We have people coming in today to explain it all to the players and they can ask questions and everything,” said Clough.

“But the way they referee in the Premier League and any slightest touch is completely different to League Two.

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Stags to get first taste of VAR on Saturday.

“So if something gets referred to VAR are you going to review it on League Two standards or Premier League standards.

“We have played 48 games in one particular way which is why we have people coming in. They should leave it the same as we have had for the 48 games.

“I would rather just have a good referee doing the final.

“The referee we had at Northampton got everything spot on as the replays proved. He should be refereeing the final, but he is not experienced with VAR so he can't do it.”

As top scorer, Rhys Oates knows he could find himself in one of those awful moments regularly seen on the Premier League coverage where goalscorers have to delay their wild celebrations while a decision is scrutinised.

“I think it's quite hard to control yourself if you score, especially when you've not played with VAR before,” he said.

“I think I would just celebrate as I usually would and then it's a minute or two wait to see what happens.

“You have just got to try to block it out of your mind, play your normal game, but be careful of silly tackles as everything is getting reviewed.”