‘Space age’ scoreboard installation perfect timing for Stags’ new commercial executive Ian Deakin

Stags' new scoreboard was perfectly timed with the arrival of new commercial executive Ian Deakin.

Thursday, 27th January 2022, 3:03 pm
The framework goes up for what has eventually become Stags' best scoreboard so far.
The framework goes up for what has eventually become Stags' best scoreboard so far.

And the ex-Stags keeper was quick to agree how much it will benefit his efforts to attract sponsorship and more to the club.

“It's a fantastic addition to the club and matchday experience,” he said.

“It benefits the match day experience a lot.

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“As fans, you're always looking at the screen for information and the game clock, but I think that now all of the excellent graphics and videos, produced by our talented media team, take everything to a whole new level.

“Everything about it just makes everything more professional in terms of how we do things like showing our team-line ups and our goal celebration GIFs, etc.

“You go to some grounds who don't have a scoreboard. We're lucky to have that. Ours is an excellent, large scoreboard.

“It's vibrant, clear and concise in its messaging. We've got the advantage of being able to put the videos on now, which engages with the fans. You look at some other grounds across the country, even at higher levels and they don't have that facility so it's great for us to have it.

“I think it does engage the fans a lot more before during and after the game.”

On the opportunities it offers, he said: “Businesses can digitally advertise now, so there's the opportunity to put up small video advertisements or graphics and even birthday messages.

“We have a yearly traffic of between 150,000 to 270,000 depending on the home gate and the away following.

“Obviously with the recent success of the team, that number is growing which is great. So, it's a great opportunity for local businesses as well as national businesses to advertise in our ground to a local audience.

“They can get in contact with myself via email at [email protected]

“Alternatively, they can call the club on 01623 482482 which will be put through to me and we can discuss in terms of pricing and what the customer would like to be displayed."

“Especially for an SME business (Small to Medium Enterprise) in and around the local area, it's fantastic because we're attracting crowds that are based in and around Mansfield.

“I think they'll benefit a whole lot from it especially if the small business has not advertised before and are looking to go down that avenue.

“They will be able to engage with different age demographics that are attending the ground. From young fans to older fans, they can advertise their business to a great, local audience.”