Matt Oldroyd’s Nottingham Forest blog: It’s time for patience

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It was too much to ask for Forest to comeback yet again.

Despite a valiant effort during the second half to find an equaliser, it would be difficult to argue that we deserved anything from the game.

At the risk of stating the obvious, we must learn to stop giving our opponents a head start.

We have developed a bad habit of letting sloppy goals in that could really be prevented. There isn’t always going to be a way back as we discovered at Elland Road.

Having made an encouraging start to the season the new look defence is now starting to look far from solid.

The two Leeds goals were an example of how not to defend; particularly the second. Ayala initially made up for his ridiculously poor attempted clearance, but his tackle fell to Dominic Poleon who found the bottom corner. It was always going to be a monumental challenge from that point.

It was our poorest half of the season for sure but it was still disappointing to hear a number of boos and jeers as the referee blew for half-time.

It would have been foolish to expect the early season form to be able to continue through a full season. Us fans should be more understanding and have a little more patience.

Considering what we sat through and endured last season and in view of the significant overhaul that the club has seen in a matter of weeks I think we can forgive things not going quite to plan as yet.

O’Driscoll and his players are probably suffering from the expectation that they have created up until now meaning that performances that don’t meet these high standards are automatically criticised.

Prior to the season beginning, I doubt you’d find many Forest fans who expected such a solid start to the season. Slow starts are usually the norm and we have shown that it can take time before we hit top gear. This season it is essential that the support remain onside more than ever.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the defeat was that we lost to an average looking Leeds side. I realise this sounds like nothing more than sour grapes but there are far better sides in this division and I’d like to think we are one of them.

The combination of Warnock and Leeds United is not one that will make many friends in football. Coupled with a weak performance from the referee and a two goal deficit things were always going to transpire against us.

To blame the referee for the defeat would be unfair. Instead I’ll blame all of the above in addition to us being far from our best, of course.

Elland Road is a place like no other to go and watch your team. Gamesmanship is always a significant sub-plot that the entire ground seems to buy into.

If it wasn’t the home players clutching their ankles after tripping up on a butterfly, it would be the ball boy spinning the ball on his finger and having a few bounces before releasing it. Naturally, the Leeds fans themselves roared with delight at these antics and kept the ball whenever they could. This is without even mentioning that they have El Hadji Diouf up front! A match made in heaven if ever there was one.

I should point out that we really did have Leeds on the ropes for a period in the second half. After Blackstock’s second goal of the week, I really fancied our chances of rescuing another point.

Unfortunately the Reds ran out of steam. Even the six minutes of injury-time wasn’t enough and most of it was annoyingly spent in our own half.

Still, the attempted fightback was appreciated by the large following from Nottingham and there were no further boos at full time. I missed it myself but I’m told Warnock made his way towards the Forest fans at the end and indicated the score with his fingers. Funny that he didn’t find the time to do that after our last encounter...

If I was trying to find a positive to take away from the game it would be that perhaps we may benefit from expectations being dampened somewhat.

It’s been a tough week and only two points from a possible nine have stalled our charge. Yet I can’t help but feel a dose of reality will do us some good.

Hopefully our next opponents will feel the backlash. And who might that be again?

Oh yes.