YOUR SAY: Mansfield Town fans have their say on seating changes in Ian Greaves stand

The One Call Stadium, home of Mansfield Town FC.
The One Call Stadium, home of Mansfield Town FC.

A section of Mansfield Town fans have criticised plans to close a section of the main Ian Greaves stand for the 2016/17 season.

Some fans have complained they were being asked to move without advance warning when they turned up to buy their season tickets in the usual spot.

A Mansfield Town spokesman said this wasn’t the case and tried to explain their plans, saying supporters should be aware that seats in blocks J, Q and R of the Ian Greaves Upper Tier will be unavailable from the start of the 2016-17 season, which will save the club money and help further improve the atmosphere inside One Call Stadium.

Seats in the aforementioned blocks will be accessible for the forthcoming season (2015-16), however, season ticket holders who currently occupy these seats should be mindful that they will be asked to relocate at the start of 2016-17.

The spokesman said: “It is a sensible decision to close these areas of the ground, as it will help reduce costs in policing, stewarding and staffing.

“The club were eager to give supporters as much notice as possible regarding this decision and that is why we have delayed implementing this by a further year.”

Commenting on the story on, Delboystag said: “Help further improve the atmosphere”? Really? Block Q is the closest you can get to the opposing fans in the North Stand, which HELPS TO IMPROVE THE ATMOSPHERE!!!

“If they want to close any sections, why not those nearest to the Quarry Lane end? Yet another decision made without using their noggin’s AGAIN! Closing Block Q will probably kill off any atmosphere that exists! Well done!

“Why not just close all the IG Upper and put everyone in the Lower and the Quarry Lane end? That would save us having to climb all those steps... :-)

“Q Block is absolutely great when we get a decent away following. The banter is excellent, which helps create the atmosphere that the club talk about wanting to improve.”

Skegbymick added: “Saving on stewarding costs ? Theyre only young kids/students aren’t they ? Shouldn’t think they’ll be on much £s.”

Back Four commented: “Treating everyone like sheep the next thing they’ll have dogs to herd us in. What’s going to happen if we draw a big club in the Cup ,I did say IF.”

Feno said: “I think they should be thinking of ways to fill the stand even if it means using cardboard cut outs. seriously at £330 i should be able to sit were i wont.”