Your say: Mansfield Town fans have their say on Exeter City win

Joy for Fergus Bell he scored for Mansfield-Pic by: Richard Parkes
Joy for Fergus Bell he scored for Mansfield-Pic by: Richard Parkes
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The future of boss Paul Cox is continuing to split opinion amongst Mansfield Town fans, despite Stags picking up their first away win of the season.

Rakish Bingham’s goal and Fergus Bell’s screaming finish for his first League goal had Stags 2-0 up and in the driving seat by half-time.

Exeter pulled a goal back, but Stags stood firm to make it three wins out of their opening six League Two matches.

But despite the win, a number of fans continued to voice their doubts over Cox on social media.

Liam Hyland said: “Great win but 1 win against bottom of the league isn’t going to change much, Cox needs to sort it out and fast.”

Ginger Jesus said on twitter: “30 years I’ve been watching this rubbish. @RakishBingham looks like he can play tho. Don’t sit on a lead.”

James Wathall added: “bell had a class pre season starts today scores and we win! Depends how we go on next week! Still out his depth.”

Gary Tyldsley wrote: “Can’t comment on game today but while it is a good win.. it is against a team that has won 2 of their last 21 home games. better test in next 2 games.”

KaylaF1 said: “Cox won’t take us any further which was what Radford said he wanted.”

Bigalstag added: “This win still does not make the quality of the football any better to watch.”

But Kirkby Stag offered his backing for Cox, saying: “Ignore the fickle fans! Coxy IN #UPTHESTAGS”

Lloydystag also expressed his delight, saying “Great win from a team and Manager under a barrage of criticism. Surprise, surprise, doubters, we will lose games but, for me, I can`t wait to see MY team.

“I have lived in Derby or near Derby since 1970 and supported the team through thick and thin, how many miles travelled without moaning....too much. ???

RobWorksopStag also offered support for underfire Cox, saying: “Great away win, well done to all.

“Amazing though isn’t, we lose 2-0 away at County and there are umpteen posts from the Doom And Gloom Brigade but when we win there are only six!!

Keeping The Faith.”

SteveStevo53 said: “We have the makings of a good team, well done PC and well done the team. Brilliant debut for Rakish. Keeping the Faith.”

Martin R added: “Excellent 3 points. Well done to all of the players involved.”

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