YOUR SAY: Do Mansfield Town need a new loan striker?

Matt Green.
Matt Green.

Mansfield Town fans have been joining in the debate on whether Stgs need a new striker after their FA Cup exit at Oldham.

Second-half strikes by Danny Philliskirk and Dominic Poleon sealed the Stags’ fate in a game that they had been on top off for the first 65 minutes.

It is the fifth game in a row that Stags have now drawn a blank.

Stags fan Anthony Skinner believed Mansfield had just been unlucky and do not need to dip into the loan market.

“We were the better side for an hour when conditions were awful but playable,” he said.

“Thereafter the weather/wind got worse and we were against those elements in the second half.

“Oldham also introduced their young sub Rasulo for the seemingly overweight Higson who started to make them play/pass the ball when the elements allowed it .

“I wouldn’t criticise the performance of the team or individuals, including Matt Green, and I sincerely believe the goal drought will end on Saturday.

“A big well done to the noisy travelling support on the night who saw and appreciated the efforts of the Stags team.

He added: “We do not need new players, just the rub of the green. Lady luck, allied with skill I should add, favoured us at Dagenham and Yeovil and currently our opponents are getting that good fortune.

“Luck is luck and the phrase “you make your own luck” isn’t always true .

“The general rule of thumb is you get it sometimes and not on other occasions. It’ll be our turn again at the weekend.”

But fan Bigalstag said Mansfield Town were in desperate need for a reinforcements.

He said: “It’s not just luck we are missing. We desperately need to shake it up at front at the moment by bringing in a loan striker, even if it is to just give Greeny a rest.

“The more he is trying, the worse it is getting. A small rest might just be the spark he needs.

“Don’t get me wrong, I still think his class will shine through, but he is in a desperate run of form at the moment and a break will do him good.”

DelboyStag added a new striker could be a good idea, IF Adam Murray has the funds available.

He said: ”A good loan Striker might be handy, but that begs two questions. 1) Is there a better Striker out there than Matt Green? 2) Has Muzza got any money to bring one in?

“It’s ok us saying we need this, or we need that, but it’s all up to JR. If Muzza ain’t got the funds, he can’t do much.”

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