'You can't win over everyone', says Mansfield Town boss

David Flitcroft
David Flitcroft

David Flitcroft believes you will never win over everyone, no matter how well you do at a football club.

The Mansfield Town boss is still confident his side will come good this season ahead of successive away games at Swindon and Morecambe, but said: “I think everything in life is 80-20 whatever you do.

“I think 20 per cent of people are never going to like what you do or buy into it. But sometimes they get the biggest shout whether that's on social media or in the forums.

“That 20 per cent want to say something. They are ghosts in the background.

“But the 80 per cent who come to support the club – the real die-hards – the ones that absolutely love the club – they stick by you, support you and support the football club when they see it's going in the right direction.

“I got that at Bury. The 80 per cent of fans understood the job we'd done.

“With what has happened since, they will probably understand that when we were there we did well.”

On Saturday's game, he added: “Away from home we have really been setting a marker down.

“Taking a team to task is what we are all trying to do. Once that comes, we will start generating the back-to-back wins and momentum.”