Write us off at your peril, says Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray

Adam Murray. Pic by Dan Westwell
Adam Murray. Pic by Dan Westwell

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray is happy to have his side written off as Stags head into the last 10 games with a five-point gap to the play-offs.

He also stressed he has every faith in his players and his post-match anger at a third straight 1-0 defeat at Bristol Rovers last weekend was purely down to frustration.

“I think everyone will write us off now,” he said. “But that’s the worst thing you can do as you know what we are like and what I am like.

“The league is that tight that all we’ve got to do now is win a football match and get back on the horse.

“I’ve looked back at last Saturday’s game a few times now and it makes me even more frustrated as there was nothing in it.

“They had the lion’s share of possession at times which we expected as they are in good form with good momentum.

“They are a good team. We knew we’d have to control the game without the ball at times, and we did that really well up until the goal.

“Both teams had the same type of chances, the difference was they made our keeper work.”

He added: “It’s really fine lines at the minute and that’s three games on the trot where we’ve come out of it saying how did we lose that? We have learned a lot. We have been more than in every game.

“It just shows how tight the league is. Three weeks ago we were fifth and I was brilliant, the staff were brilliant, the players were brilliant, now we are all rubbish. It’s part of the job. We get it. But we are still positive.”

Murray said a few angry things about his side at the final whistle, but stressed today that he loves them all and believes in them.

“I get way too emotional after a game,” he smiled “I am that close to the players with our relationship.

“There won’t be many players in that changing room that have had a relationship with a manager like they’ve had with me. We are very close and whatever I say to anyone I else I say to them.

“Maybe it came across after the game that I don’t like any of them. That’s not true. I love them all and they’ve been fantastic.

“It’s more frustration than anger as I know how good they are. I see them at times not fulfilling their potential.

“Day to day you get to see their eagerness to work hard for this football club. You don’t always see that actual pride in wearing the shirt like these do. I’d never question that. We are very tight, maybe too close at times.

“But that’s the way I work – my heart on my sleeve. That won’t change. Maybe I just need to cool down a bit.

“Even my missus said – what are you doing? I said I can’t help it. I am an emotional guy. I get angry and I get sad and I can’t help but show it. We will all be having a big cuddle today and then we’ll get on with it.

“It’s a learning curve for me. I am 34 years old and I am not saying I know everything. But I am having to learn rapidly as this team is.

“I am really proud of what this group has done so far but I get frustrated as I know there is a lot more in the tank.”

Murray is trying to bring in a striker on loan this week to help a side that has failed to score in four of their last five games.

“We know what tweaks we need and these boys may need a bit of help,” he said.

“I do think we are suffering a little lack of belief. These are very good players but they have to believe how good they are.

“We have 10 games left now and I know these boys will give me everything they’ve got as they have all season.

“It’s just important now we don’t lose focus about what we can achieve. People will write us off.

“But it’s five points. I can guarantee you teams like Cambridge will think the other way as they are coming up and will see it in a positive manner that they are only five points off it.

“As we’ve been up there all season and only dropped out the top 10 once, that’s amazing for us. It’s not over so we have to keep fighting.”