The little things are adding up as Mansfield Town begin to shine

Adam Murray.Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.
Adam Murray said it was the little things that were happening around the club that were adding up to Mansfield Town’s current good form and place in the play-offs.

The Stags boss said every aspect of the club from the cleaners through to the GPS vests the club now have through their partnership with Melton’s Brooksby College were playing their part in the current success.

“I thought some of the performances at Stevenage were top drawer, and it’s the little bits that are adding up,” said Murray.

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“I’ve said all along this team will get better and the whole club is improving through the little, minute things that people wonder if they make a difference.

“Little things like adding vitamins to the lads’ daily diets. We have a small squad so we’ve got to look after them. Paul Broughton has been brilliant to back us with that. It makes a difference.

“It’s the same with Friday. We will travel down to Dagenham Friday night and it’s a little thing that some people may say it’s only a couple of hours, but it makes a big difference. All these things add up to get you results.

“It’s no coincidence that Accrington are where they are. They are training at Bolton Wanderers’ training ground now. It helps. Everything you can do to gain that extra percent, you’ve got to do.

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“At the minute the football club is buying into that. Even the things that people think go under the radar such as the cleaners we’ve got. They are top drawer and every morning when we come in the dressing room is really clean, the building is clean. It smells nice. It makes the place feel good.

“The ground staff are working ridiculously hard. We’ve got a new chef in who is top drawer. The food is top drawer. It all limits the percentage of risk. The more you can do that, the more you look at being successful.”

Murray now can’t wait to get his players wearing the GPS kit on matchdays but need them to get used to it first.

“We’ve only had it in a week and we need to make sure the lads are comfortable wearing it in training before they go and wear it in games as some of them won’t be,” he said.

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“They’ve got to get used to it then it will be a major part of how we work. It will give us data for planning that we can get more benefits from and we are in debt to Brooksby for helping us out with that. It’s a major thing for us and we are looking forward to getting started with that.

“It’s like a vest with a little GPS thing at the back. The data it gives you is unbelievable. It gives you the distance that you’ve run, whereabouts on the pitch you’ve run, your heat map, the intensity of your sprints, what kind of runs you’ve done. Everything you can imagine it gives you.

“We can get our players in a condition where the work we do in training will be relevant to games, so we will see as individuals what they do in a game and be able to tailor the training to that.

“The top clubs in the world have it for a reason and they get great benefits, so to have it at our level a big step.

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