Sunburn - why football politics is leaving a more nasty sting than the sun

If the past weeks weather hasn’t proved hot enough you, I can think of a place that’s provided heat of equal measure over the last few days - the One Call Stadium boardroom, from which four directors quit on Saturday with rumoured long-running animosities reaching boiling point, following the recent rise in season ticket prices ahead of the 2012-13 campaign.

Steve Hymas, Andy Saunders, Darren Bland and Steve Middleton all stepped down on Saturday in the midst of the season ticket saga, leaving myself and fellow supporters again wondering what is going on behind the scenes at our beloved club - a thought we’ve had one too many times in recent years and a thought that, midway through last season, we never thought we’d have again.

Let me first get on record that I take no side in this issue which, if what the quartet’s statement says is true, was one waiting to happen.

As a supporter I express my thanks to the departed four for the work they’ve done.

In my opinion politics ruins football and it’s a crying shame that we’re spending the close season reflecting on an off-field issue rather than the splendid season we’ve just watched on the pitch, finishing in third place with a club record points total.

The way in which it ended sure was heartbreaking, but we’d seen enough joy to outweigh that 7th May ending, in turn making us eager for the prices for next season to be released,.

However, now they have we are uninspired and resistant because of the rise in price - something somewhere is wrong.

I can see why the prices have risen. We endured a tremendous home campaign, netting 50 goals at the One Call Stadium for the first time since the 76-77 season.

With that comes expectancy of a repeat, so why not charge more for a good thing?

In normal circumstances, great. Milk the product for what you can.

However, in this case the product is the supporters rather than the football.

The home support has been phenomenal and certainly has affected the players in a positive manner, which in turn has seen the remarkable upturn in results to seal our play-off finish.

Take the Fleetwood match as a prime example. I’ve never known the place bounce as much, even when we fell behind the noise remained Stags dominant and the players responded to earn a key point at the seasons most critical time - a time when we’d lost just once since the turn of the year with the play-offs well within our reach, but several tough games ahead.

The energy in not just the Fleetwood match but in the majority of our home games was special.

We need this next season to propel us to the title.

The lads need us and, in turn, us them, but the rise in price will hinder us moving forward rather than help.

Life is extremely harsh. Bills mount and sacrifices have to be made. I know, I’ve been there - in fact I am there!

I understand that like a family, a football club has bills to pay, however, I can’t help but feel in the current scenario will only be resolved with a revised list of prices or the introduction of a payment system as, realistically, very few can afford the amount of money for three or four season tickets, your average family group of fans, in one go.

The concession prices are those to cause the biggest stir.

I can fully understand why an online petition has been started.

As a younger supporter myself I feel the hunger and desire to watch my beloved team and help build the atmosphere.

I just hope that the message fellow supporters are trying to say is reached and understood by those with the power to change and rectify what is fast becoming a big problem.

By helping us, we can help you. The chairman and CEO have worked to return the One Call Stadium to us like the departed four did their duties in the best interests of the club.

I know that Mr Radford has said the CEO is looking at the prices and I’m confident that a solution which helps and benefits all will be found.

At the end of the day everyone involved is fighting for one cause – the best for MTFC. Let’s move forward, together as one.

Right now we are submerged in politics, the game’s ugly side. Next week let the only talk surround the building of our title winning side and the return of the beautiful game.

Thanks for reading - feel free to chat to me throughout the week and share your views on twitter @craigpriest14.