Summer fitness regimes set for Stags players

Stags manager, David Flitcroft.
Stags manager, David Flitcroft.

Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft plans to have all his players on the same fitness level when they return for pre-season training on Monday, 25th June.

Flitcroft is devising different programmes for different players according to their needs during the close season and will also make sure the U21s and U18s are up to speed with the shape they need to come back in.

“It’s something that I’ve done wherever I’ve been and something I pride myself on,” he said.

“The boys come back officially on 25th June - it’s six weeks away and a six weeks lead-in to the first game.

“The boys have been in for the last two or three days doing their testing so we know where we are. If I’m being honest I was a little bit disappointed with the testing.

“But that gives me great hope there are massive amounts of improvement to be done.”

He explained: “I use a fitness consultant, who comes in through the summer and does 10 sessions. That is designed for the players to come in during the off season.

“Usually if you’ve played 40-odd games, in the summer you need rest time and recovery time, which they will get and lads like Krystian Pearce and Alex MacDonald need.

“But for some of the lads who have only played 20-odd games, because our pre-season will be more intense, they will have that prep time. It’s a great time to do your physical work.

“The U21s like Jordan Graham will come in and do 90 per cent of the sessions to build up their resilience for a really tough pre-season.

“We are just building the programme now and working very closely with John Dempster, Richard Cooper and Mike Whitworth to make sure we are fully co-ordinated, planning U21, U18 scholars and first team games. That’s going well.”