Steve Evans unhappy with reaction of fans at Colchester

Colchester United vs Mansfield Town - Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans - Pic By James Williamson
Colchester United vs Mansfield Town - Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans - Pic By James Williamson

Steve Evans was unhappy with the reaction his players got from Stags fans at the end of today’s defeat at Colchester.

Mansfield Town were on the wrong end of the 2-0 scoreline despite Evans’ assertion that they dominated the majority of the encounter.

When asked if he could have demanded any more effort from his players, he said: ““It appears we can by the reaction.

“I’ve watched my players at the end of the game go to the supporters and get told they’re a load of rubbish.

“I’ve never experienced that, we’ve all had criticisms as managers and teams, that’s quite harsh on them. They’ve given us everything today.

“I’ve done interviews with local media and they all say the same thing, they find it hard to believe we’ve not scored today.

“We’ve dominated for probably 75 minutes of 90.

“I said to the players, I apologised for the response they got when they went genuinely to clap supporters who have travelled a long way and paid their hard earned money.”

Evans said he was concerned by what he saw after the game when his players approached the fans.

“We have two big opportunities, we don’t take them and we suffer a bit of misfortune.

“There’s deeper worries when you see some of the reaction at full-time.

“That gives me deeper worries about whether people are really in it for a promotion challenge or if they’re in it for glory days. There’s a big, big difference.”

The Stags boss was in no mood to blame the referee for the defeat, despite his belief that they should have had a spot-kick.

“We think it’s a penalty, we think there’s contact. He’s left his trailing leg, it’s a penalty most days of the week but we’re not going to blame the referee for getting beaten today.”

For all their possession and chances, Mansfield just couldn’t find a way back into the game and a long winless run against the U’s was extended.

Evans felt they worked hard enough, without reward.

“I think we started really well, we were totally dominant, the goal comes against the run of play.

“The second goal is more we’re not happy with, it’s just a simple cross David should deal with and the boy gets in behind him.

“We’ve done enough in the second half to get ourselves back in the game. The changes were very positive.

“Our supporters were at the end we were attacking, they’ve seen the whole game and the second half in front of them but from the reaction they’ve not seen any of that.”