Stags helping Hamilton build confidence

Mansfield Town v Doncaster Rovers, CJ Hamilton
Mansfield Town v Doncaster Rovers, CJ Hamilton

Exciting winger CJ Hamilton has suddenly begun to find his form at Mansfield Town where new boss Steve Evans said it had simply been a question of giving the youngster some confidence.

The lightning-fast Hamilton followed up a good display against Doncaster with another lively outing at Blackpool and Evans said: “If you tell someone they are not very good most days, they are not going to be very good most days.

“I think if you tell someone they can be very good most of the days, there is a chance they can be very good.

“With young CJ we came in and identified him very quickly. He is a lovely kid. He is an insecure boy that does need to be told on a regular basis that he can be something quite special.”

Stags fans are now starting to see the talents that saw him on the playing staff at Sheffield United, and his admirers include other managers.

“It’s really interesting,” said Evans. “Every manager, when CJ has played a large part of the game, including the likes of Darren Ferguson and Gary Bowyer, they have all had a beer or a glass of wine with me afterwards and spoke about CJ Hamilton being a real player for Mansfield Town.

“That’s nice from opposition because it means he is doing something positive for Mansfield Town.

“From my point of view his performances are getting better.

“We still need to get his end product right and we are going to continue to work hard on that. If he gets that right this kid can go a long way.”