Stags’ gates on the up, says Radford

John Radford
John Radford

As Mansfield Town prepared for their biggest crowd of the season for tomorrow’s crucial visit of Portsmouth, chairman John Radford said he was happy with this season’s attendances and believes the club is getting things right.

Stags have struggled to attract back the missing fans since relegation to the Conference, but Radford said: “We are trying to get it right. We’re trying to get it right for the fans.

“I know sometimes times are a bit hard so we’ve tried to get the ticket prices right. There are family offers out there and we’ve got a fantastic family stand.

“You can start to feel this club going places and we’re so excited about this next game and the games after.

“We are getting there. You can never do things as quickly as you’d like to. I was very naïve when I first took over the club.

“But I’ve been here eight years now and I’m a lot more experienced. I still think I can still achieve and I think I’ve got the right manager to keep the right sort of team together and the right atmosphere.”

Although Stags are doing everything they can to boost attendances, Radford admitted: “We get fantastic support. The gates have not been too bad. If you look historically over the last 10-15 years our gates have improved. It’s not a problem Mansfield have, it’s a problem the whole of football has bar the Premiership.

“You look at a lot of the Championship grounds, when they are playing the stadiums are half empty.

“It’s the way society has gone. Society has gone to watching TV screens or the computers. We are in the entertainment industry and it’s got to be entertaining football.

“They’ve got to come down to the stadium and enjoy themselves. People want value for money and we are going to try to give them that at Mansfield Town.

“We’re getting there and slowly chipping away at it. Mansfield are in a lot better position than when I first took over the job.

“The atmosphere is fantastic, we’ve got a good manager involved and the teams we are putting together get better year on year.”