Stags fear striker Lee Stevenson may have fractured leg in win over Derby County

Mansfield Town are this mnorning waiting on news of midfielder Lee Stevenson who went to hospital after Wednesday night’s 2-1 win over Derby with a suspected fractured leg.

Stevenson ended up going to hospital after Friday night’s game at Gainsborough after coughing up blood at half-time and last night limped off at the break with what seemed to be nothing more than a kick.

Boss Paul Cox said: Lee seems to have run over a few black cats with the luck he is having.

“I have been told its a suspected fracture but we are hoping it’s just bruising.

“I thought it just looked like a nasty tap on the shin or the ankle. But we’ve sent him as a precautionary I hope he’s all right as a love the kid to bits and he’s worked hard in training.”