Stags fan blog - The Barrow game

IN my short time as blogger for the Chad I haven’t been to Mansfield so much in just one week. This week I was in time three times, twice for football matches and once for a court case.

I was in town for the Newport game last Saturday and then made a point of coming to support John Radford while he did battle with Keith Haslam, our former owner.

I felt I should turn up on Thursday and back Mr Radford because since he has taken over at Field Mill he has got the club on a settled footing on the money side of the business.

John just seems to have the club at heart with each decision he makes and iwish him and the club all the best in Birmingham High Court on 14th April.

The final trip of the week to Mansfield was to join the supporters for the trip to Barrow with the Stags Supporters Association (SSA). It is a little bit of a trip up to Cumbria and we managed to have two games of Bingo on the way up to Holker Street.

I would like to take this chance to say what wonderful work the people behind the association do in their tireless efforts to support our club and all the wonderful things they come up with to take money out of all of our pockets. It is an excellent way of showing what you can do when we stand in together as a band of supporters.

When we arrived at the ground we all went into the Cross Bar and I enjoyed the atmosphere of talking and laughing with the locals, discussing all things football.

Once refreshments were taken on board I took my place along with the other 84 stags fans that had made the trip north. But by half-time some of us were wondering why we had as the Stags went into the break 2 – 0 down.

The Stags at times looked all over the place and were not marking up the Barrow players. which allowed them space. I have never played football but I have played rugby and it is the same in both games - if you mark up your man then he has fewer opinions of how to release the ball to his team mates.

I along with the other Stags fans kept shouting the boys forward to take the game to the Bluebirds and, with time, the Stags got into the game.

The introduction of Adam Smith was key as he would go on to level the game with two fantastic strikes. His first hit the cross bar and went in, but his second was even better as Danny Mitchley teed him up for it with a beautiful pass. It was great to see a second comeback in the space of a week and to take a point that we didn’t look like we had no chance of at the break.

I love my club which I try to show in many ways with buying the latest shirts to getting the latest badges, but most of all coming from Sheffield every week to follow the yellow and blues fortunes. This season hasn’t even finished yet and mind is already thinking of the next one with saving for my season ticket and SSA subscription. I must be well and truly mad by now but what a wonderful kind of madness to have.

You may remember that the Chad Blog was previously written by Craig Priest. Well I just would like to wish him well as he is now working for Takeover Radio and has his own football phone-in, which he will be presenting between 8 to 9 pm on 106.9FM.

Craig is also doing full match commentaries on Saturdays when the Stags are away from Field Mill. Please try to support this station as it is a local radio station which is trying to give young people a way of learning skills which we be useful in getting work once they have left school and may also give them a chance of building confidence and important life skills so please give it a try.