Stags boss waiting on contract trio

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Mansfield Town boss Paul Cox is still waiting to see if Lindon Meikle, Anthony Howell and Alan Marriott will accept new contracts offered to them.

He said: “Talks are ongoing. But we are in a tough position and I understand they have mortgages to pay and families to feed. If we can agree something that’s within our budgeting remits then brilliant. If not we will move on.”

With Junior Daniel already turning a new deal down and moving to Port Vale, there were rumours that keeper Marriott had already turned down his deal to stay with the club, but Cox said: “That is all speculation and rumour.

“Alan Marriott is still on holiday as is Lewis Price, who I have also been speaking to. But you are going to get that as supporters have no football on a Saturday afternoon and this is an exciting time for them talking about players coming and going. It’s part and parcel of the game.

“I have spoken to a number of players. I have to cast the net wide and make sure I am doing my job.

“It is early days yet. Everyone I am talking to at the minute is talking telephone numbers. At this stage players are still under contract and mortgages are getting paid. But by the end of June when they get the wife nagging them, there is no food in the fridge and the mortgage needs paying, then they will start to cut their cloth accordingly.

“If we can do our business before then, then brilliant. But I have to make sure we do deals that are right for the player and the football club.”

Cox said he expected to hear something definite by the end of next week from all three players.