Stags boss Cox welcomes news of new training facility at the One Call Stadium

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STAGS boss Paul Cox has welcomed news that the club is to planning a fantastic new training facility built at the One Call Stadium.

And he said that, and the other things the club were putting into place as foundations, would help insure the Stags would not become a ‘yo-yo’ club were they to gain promotion.

Said Cox: “I keep saying that success is not achieved overnight. I sit down with the chairman a lot and we talk about how we want things to advance here. Sometimes I feel people expect it to happen overnight.

“But look at the clubs that have been promoted and they have all had a three-year programme of building their infrastructure. If you don’t, when you get promoted you risk becoming a yo-yo club.

“We have the new training facilities planned, a youth team in place and have applied to be a Free School in 2014.

“We want local kids to come through into a good youth set-up in a professional environment that helps them on the pitch and also to become good young men.”

Cox also welcomed the news that the new training facility would be in continuous use when the Stags were not using it with five-a-side football expected to be popular there.

“One of the biggest incomes elsewhere is five-a-side. It is big business. So what the chairman is doing is spot-on.

“People have to be patient. I know some want quick-fix success, but that doesn’t happen in business and it doesn’t happen in football.

“At this club we want to have a successful side but with sustained success.”