Shaun Derry won’t be drawn into clashes with Steve Evans when Cambridge visit Mansfield

Cambridge boss Shaun Derry.
Cambridge boss Shaun Derry.

Cambridge United boss Shaun Derry won’t be drawn into any clashes with the vastly experienced Steve Evans when his side visit the One Call Stadium on Saturday.

Evans is a past master at upsetting and unsettling opposition benches.

But Derry smiled: “He’s a wily character, he really is. Steve has been around the game for a lot of years at different levels and he knows how to influence and that’s part of his management skills and I’m absolutely happy with that.

“I’ve got no bad words to say about that but for me I just concentrate on me, concentrate on my game plan and concentrate on the game and I try not to get involved on anything that happens on the sidelines.”

Derry is impressed with the squad Evans has built.

“Steve’s recruited strongly over the summer,” he said.

“He’s had a budget up there that allows him to get the best, not just of League Two players but he’s recruited at a higher level as well.

“Mansfield have been very well documented that they’ve got new money that’s come into the group and they’ve spent it with Steve at the helm.

“They’re on a good run of form themselves at this moment in time, sharing points with us and I think with a manager like Steve, with a record like he’s got, you’re always going to be in a game against them.

“When they came down to our stadium last year it was a difficult afternoon for us and we ended up losing the game.

“We know what to expect, we know when it comes up against a Steve Evans team it will be a real battle and I think we’re prepared for that.

“I think anyone who talks about us would say the same and I think it’s going to be a tight game this weekend.”

He added: “I think Steve’s referenced us in his presser this week to say we’re a good team and I think we are ourselves. But I think Mansfield are a good team as well.

“They’re one of the favourites to get promoted and if we’re going to keep this run going we’re going to have to keep on top of our game on Saturday.

“We have to be at our very best. I thought we were up against a really good Coventry team on Saturday and that should give us a lot of confidence going into this weekend.

“Recognising that we can beat one of the top teams in League Two, can we take it away from home and make a show of it this weekend?”