Radfords remain divided over Bishop Street Stand improvements

Mansfield Town's One Call Stadium - Pic By James Williamson
Mansfield Town's One Call Stadium - Pic By James Williamson

Club owner John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford remain divided over the speed the club redevelops the condemned Bishop Street Stand side of the ground.

The matter was brought up during the club’s ‘Evening With the Radfords’ night and the pair continue to hold opposite views as they did at the club’s last AGM.

CEO Carolyn is keen to redevlop the side as soon as posibble, saying:“We do have some excellent plans drawn up. They are beautiful.

“They are amazing architectural plans. If we are in League One that would give me more ammunition to go to the chairman to say let’s get on with this as we will be drawing bigger crowds.

“It just doesn’t look right to me over there on matchdays and I am big on my aesthetics.”

However, chairman John Radford said; “When we only sell out one game a year we can’t justify opening another stand and paying the cost of running that.

“If it gets to the stage where the stadium is full every week that will be done straight away.

“It’s all about what the fans demand and at the moment this is the right sized stadium for us.”