Radford promises new Stags boss - we will be able to go up this season

JOHN Radford today promised fans he would keep his part of the bargain and get the club in a position to be promoted next season if new Stags boss Paul Cox can do the business on the field.

And the Mansfield Town chairman has also promised Cox one of the biggest, if not the biggest, budgets in the BSBP to achieve that aim.

Stags fans are worried that continuing court action to reclaim the ground from landlord and former chairman Keith Haslam could leave them without the necessary 10-year lease by the March deadline.

But Radford said, if the court action wasn’t sorted in time, a Plan B has already been put into motion.

Radford was pleased with his new managerial appointment today and said:“ I am delighted to get him here.

“I have had my eye on Paul’s career for the last five years and his record speaks for itself. That is why he got the job.

“He is a guy who wants to go out and win every game. His win rate of 55 per cent is excellent – you probably have to go up to Alex Ferguson in the Premier League to equal that.

“Paul has done his apprenticeship and if we didn’t get him at Mansfield Town a bigger club would have got him.

“It’s his desire to win and confidence in himself. The man has real charisma and I just know he is going to the the club forward.

“I was excited by the way he interviewed and he has already shown loyalty in the past and I think he will be very loyal to this club. I think he will take us back into the League quite quickly.

“I want to be top of this league for most of next season, certainly at the end.”

Cox has only been given a year’s contract but Raaford said: “All the candidates were offered the same one year deal and wages. It was the right contract for this club and Paul is happy with it.

“He will have one of the biggest budgets in this league if not the biggest.

“The money is there for him if he needs to spend it.”

On the court action, he added: “We are waiting for a response from Mr Haslam’s solicitors to put their defence in at the moment.

“We want to get to court as quickly as possible and we are trying to put the pressure on.

“We want to do the best for this football club so we can really prosper and go forward, so if that’s we have to do we will do it.

“I have offered the man what I am going to offer him and and I am not going to offer another penny.

“Plan B is already on track and started. If Paul can do it on the field we will make sure we are in a position to be promoted off the field.”