Paul Anderson full of praise for Mansfield Town squad

Mansfield Town vs Middlesborough - Paul Anderson looks to win back possession - Pic By James Williamson
Mansfield Town vs Middlesborough - Paul Anderson looks to win back possession - Pic By James Williamson

Mansfield Town summer signing Paul Anderson admitted this could be one of the best squads he has ever been involved in.

And the winger can see no obvious first choices for the team sheet away at Crewe on 5th August.

Anderson, who had plied his trade at Nottingham Forest, Swansea City, Bristol City, Ipswich Town, Bradford City and Northampton Town, has seen many quality dressing rooms.

But he admitted: “Literally everyone in this squad has given a great account of themselves so far and anyone could be picked to be in that starting XI.

“As a squad, it’s definitely up there. Obviously I’ve been fortunate to play Championship level and the last couple of seasons I have been in and around League One squads.

“But even the Championship squads I have been in and around, I would not have been able to turn around and go – anyone out of the 32/24 lads could get a start.

“I think looking at our squad, literally I’m not sure there is a single name in that squad that I could put on that team sheet.

“The manager has got a very difficult choice to make.”

He added: “I hope my name is on the and all the other lads are thinking exactly the same.

“We are all working to the same goal and at the end of the season hopefully everyone as a squad will play their part and we will be as successful as we hope to be.”

For those who don’t start the season, Anderson said you can find things change very quickly.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” he said.

“I was fortunate a couple of years ago when I wasn’t playing in the play-off semi-finals.

“A player got injured and I came on after 25 minutes and scored a goal, then played in the second leg.

“For me I was given a great opportunity, though it was unfortunate for the player who got injured.

“But you never know what is going to happen and it is a squad game these days. There are a hell of a lot of games to play throughout the season and lots of cups to be involved in.

“If you are given that opportunity you have got to take it as there are plenty of other lads champing at the bit behind you.”

He concluded: “Getting minutes under our belts is the most important thing at the minute and then, coming into next week, it will start to take shape and I think the manager is probably going to have to start showing some signs of what he might do.”