No bids for Ryan Tafazolli as Mansfield Town stress defender is part of their plans for success

Mansfield Town's Ryan Tafazolli'Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town's Ryan Tafazolli'Picture by Dan Westwell

Adam Murray today stressed that centre half Ryan Tafazolli had not been left out the Mansfield Town side due to a bid coming in for him.

And the Stags boss stressed the classy youngster would play a big part in the rest of the season – though admitted he could leave as a free agent in the summer.

The rumour mill has been in full swing since Murray left Tafazolli out the side over Christmas.

“I had a good chat with him over the last couple of weeks,” said Murray.

“No one has come in for Taff, let’s get that one right first, there’s been no offers on the table for him.

“Taff has been a big part of this so far. But over the last few weeks I don’t think his performances have been the Tafazolli we saw earlier in the season for a number of reasons we both spoke about.

“Can he be one of the best defenders in League Two? 100 per cent yes. He wants to be here, his focus is on Mansfield Town for the next six months, after that it’s Taff decision time.

“He is obviously out of contract in the summer and he wants to do what’s best for Ryan which I’d want to do the best for me.

“He wants to be part of this and is going to give his all for the cause. He is one of the best defenders we’ve got when he’s on it.”

Murray added: “He will come into play when I feel the time is right.

“We’ve not left him out because we’ve had a bid, I know how the stories about Ryan go as I’ve had him for the last three years.

“It’s not that. We’ve had no interest in him. It’s not like we don’t want to risk him because he’s going.

“I’d love Ryan to be here the next few years. But Ryan wants to play at the highest level as he has ridiculous ambition.

“But here and now he is going to commit himself and put his body on the line for Mansfield Town which is all we can ask of him.”