Murray seeks one more new face, Hawley likely to sign as ‘safety valve’

Mansfield Town Coach Karl Hawley'Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town Coach Karl Hawley'Picture by Dan Westwell

Adam Murray is still hoping he can bring one more player into his squad before the big kick-off.

However, the Mansfield Town manager did confirm it was likely he would register his new first team coach Karl Hawley as a player as a ‘safety valve’.

With loan windows abolished this season, Murray knows he will have to work with what he’s got as soon as the August window shuts.

In Saturday’s 2-2 friendly draw at Clipstone he ran the rule over a young unnamed right back and was off to watch another game last night as he continues to cast his net.

“Including our younger pros, we have 20 first team players,” he said.

“It will be touch and go with that number. We know we are running a risk a little bit, but we do have a multi-functional outfit.

“In an ideal world I’d probably like to bring one more in. So we’ll just see how the next few weeks go and what comes up.

“What’s happening now, which you knew was always going to happen as it happens every season, is your players that wanted three hundred millions pounds six weeks ago want £3.50 now.

“So we will wait and see. I think our group is fantastic in its team spirit and gel. We already had a good base there from last season, but the new boys have come in and added to that, which I didn’t think was possible.

“Standards have gone up. So for that one person to come in, he’s got to be a special guy.

“But if he does turn up and we do find him, one more would possibly make me feel a little more secure in my mind in terms of dealing with injuries and suspensions but keeping us strong.”

Murray added: “It is a cliché, and probably quite a few managers say it and lie, but I am saying whole-heartedly I have got 20 senior players, including the young pros, that any one of them could play and I don’t feel we’d be weakened, which is a great position to be in.

“I have looked at some of the permutations and some of the partnerships we are putting together and it’s tough to say what’s going to work best at the minute. We’ve looked at a few things over the first three game and a lot of things have looked really good.

“The next few games we will be trying bits and bobs out and seeing what works and what doesn’t. If something pops up that could improve us we’ll drag him in and tie him down.”

On the addition of 24-year-old free-scoring striker Hawley into his squad, he said: “With the way the windows are this season, we’d probably be foolish not to.

“You never know in this game what’s going to happen. You could have the world’s worst sickness bug and we’ve only got 10 players.

“We will possibly register him for safety’s sake.

“Could he do a job in League Two? As I said on Saturday - one million per cent.

“He is as fit as a lot of our lads - he really does look after himself.

“You look at some of the players still playing at our level at 34 and he is a lot better than them. So I think I would be a fool if I didn’t register him.

“Will he play? I couldn’t answer that question. Is he in the forefront of my mind to be in the squad? No. He is more of a safety valve.”