MP brands Stags lockout a disgrace

Mansfield MP Alan Meale has branded the move to lock the Stags out of Field Mill “a disgrace,” saying that fans have already had enough to worry about in recent times.

“There’s no reason whatsoever to lock the club out of the ground,” he said on Friday, after news a day earlier that stadium owner Keith Haslam had terminated the lease on the ground and locked out the club now owned by John Radford for non-payment of rent.

“The owner knows very well how football works and by locking the club out of the ground, he effectively ruins the business and risks putting the club out of business.”

Mr Radford, in a financial dispute with Mr Haslam over dividends paid out when the club was sold by Mr Haslam two years ago, said on Thursday that he had already told the stadium owner he was happy to place rent in a ‘holding’ account and that the Stags would not be held to ransom.

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