Mansfield Town will not be derailed by Paul Cox Burton Albion rumours

Stags V Barrow.
Stags V Barrow.

With six wins in our last seven games and sitting third in the table with eight games left to play, I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before Paul Cox’s name got thrown into the hat for another managerial job, writes Craig Priest.

I’m not the slightest bit worried that the 40 year old could take over from former Derby Striker Paul Peschilolido at Burton’s Pirelli stadium, I don’t think Cox is the man to chase money nor a quick move to a higher level, he is the kind of man that arrives at a club with a plan and the kind of manager that works hard day and night to achieve results and, once their achieved, go onto better them the following season.

The fact Paul’s name is in the ring for the Brewers job is, of course, flattering to the job he’s done so far and was something to be expected given the links with Burton already active between Adam Murray and Rhys Day.

However loosely putting together the ties this time is pointless – Paul often repeats ‘We have won nothing yet’ and he’s right – he won’t leave until we have won something and I highly doubt he’ll walk away when he has.

Good luck to Burton in finding a new manager, Paul Cox is going nowhere in my opinion and that is where we should draw the line on this entire subject.

Some will say with Burton hungry for Cox’s signature we should tie him down regardless of not finishing this season’s job yet, whilst I’d be jumping for joy if Cox did pen a new deal at Field Mill, I think he thrives on the pressure of having to achieve to earn – it’s this which will undoubtedly take us onto the net level.

We can’t stop the rumours, but what we can do is copy the approach taken by our defence of later – smash everything that comes our way into the abyss.

With games coming thick and fast, both for the senior and youth teams, I’ve not really had time to pen an article, however after reflecting on today’s rumours I have the perfect subject to talk about – how as a club, we are changing.

Thinking about it, the ‘Cox favourite for Brewers job’ subject is perhaps the only slight negative hanging over us at the moment, wow what a feeling that is, no half hearted performances, no player hatred, no legal battle mumbo-jumbo, no mid-table obscurity and no word of dropping further than we’ve already fallen – everything is good.

It’s a great feeling to have a club to be proud of, a great feeling to be sitting here writing with something to play for until the death.

The atmosphere at Field Mill has been electric, the Quarry Lane End choir and drum deserve massive credit, never in my 10 years as a Stags fan have I witnessed singing and dancing throughout the game, no matter the score.

Never in my 10 years as a Stags fan have I seen a conga at home, which continued even when we conceded and never in my three years as a broadcaster have I been sat in the press box thinking that the vibrations from all around the ground, could throw me from my seat onto the pitch alongside Murray and Howell in midfield.

It’s an amazing feeling, the adrenaline rush at every game is something I have never felt before and never want to stop feeling.

Performances on the pitch have grown from a tiny seed into a massive blossoming flower and as the season enters the final eight league games, I’m confident it can continue. I refuse to really look beyond the next game and I know this week we face two huge tests travelling to Alfreton and league front-runners Fleetwood – Those baby steps are turning into giant strides, Paul Cox is the right man as I’ve said all along, to ensure we can walk before we can run, as he will undoubtedly prove once more over the coming weeks.

The Barrow result was phenomenal, the Cambridge turnaround was gritty, the Fleetwood draw was lightening and the Lincoln victory momentous – this is the season that keeps on giving, this is our time – providing we keep maintaining our standards and don’t let the niggley bits of rumours etc get the better of us.

Every time I think about Mansfield Town FC at the moment, my heart beats faster and louder than the QLE drum, my smile is wider than the channel tunnel, I get the feeling it’s the same for you too, long may it continue eh!

That’s it from me this week; I hope to see you tomorrow night at Alfreton and indeed by the seaside at the weekend – COME ON YOU STAGS!