Mansfield Town unveils new board of directors

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JOHN Radford today revealed his board of directors at Mansfield Town Football Club as the club prepare for next season’s attempt to win promotion back to the Football League.

The Stags chairman has brought back three of the previous owners, Andrew Saunders, Steve Hymas, and Steve Middleton along with newcomers Mark Hawkins, a former business partner of Radford, and Darren Bland, a lifelong Stags fan, to try to move the club forward.

All have put in an initial five figure sum while Saunders, Hymas and Middleton already have substantial loans tied up in the club.

Plans include setting up a youth team for next season which will be a project overseen by Steve Hymas and Mark Hawkins.

The team will play in the Football Conference Youth Alliance and will be up and ready to go for next season, with a squad of full-time apprentices aged between 16 and 18 years-old being recruited.

“I always said I would put a bit of a board together once I had got my feet under the table and I feel now is the right time,” said Radford.

“They can contribute to the club with their different expertise and have also provided us with a bit more financial help.

“Three of them were here before and their experience will come in handy in the boardroom.

“It is all down to how many hours they can spare here as we have a lot of things we need to look at like health and safety, putting a new youth team into place and more help in looking for funding.

“There were a couple of unsuccessful applicants. I said I wanted a board of five including myself but we are already one over when Steve Middleton decided he wanted to come back on board at the last minute.”

Having a board is certainly going to ease the pressure on chief executive Steve Barker who has been running the club on a day to day basis and said: “This will make my job easier as previously I was the lone ranger here and there are a lot of issues to be looked at.

“Three of them have been here before and have lots of experience. They have been giving us guidance for the last couple of months so it will be nice to sit down with them in a boardroom.

“It has been a big learning curve for me. We have already made improvements and there are more to come. It’s not just about the football.”

We want people to go home from here having enjoyed the whole experience.”