Mansfield Town to bring in an experienced goalkeeper

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Mansfield Town will bring in an experienced goalkeeper as direct competition for new signing Conrad Logan.

The Stags released both Brian Jensen and Scott Shearer at the end of the season while loanee Jake Kean returned to Sheffield Wednesday.

Having brought in the experienced Logan, boss Steve Evans confirmed he was very much in the market for a second keeper.

“I don’t fancy buying a set of gloves – I don’t think the chief exec would sign me even if I did buy a pair of gloves,” he smiled.

“We are talking to a couple of options right now – and there are different options. There is the older, more experienced guy, the younger, hungrier guy and the one who is just direct competition.

“At the minute I am preferring just direct competition – and saying ‘Conrad get in the team because we’ve signed this keeper and he’s good as well’.”

He added: “Players love competition as well. I know it’s hard sometimes when they don’t play, but you’d rather play in a good team where the level of competition to get in the team is really high.

“That’s why I had some of the success with the teams at Rotherham and Crawley. We had a squad that, on any different week we could have picked different teams in different formations and they went out with the same application to win a game. That’s what we’ve got to bring here.”