Mansfield Town given permission to hold full capacity games ahead of return to Football League

Mansfield Field Mill West Stand
Mansfield Field Mill West Stand

Mansfield Town Football Club has been given the green light to hold full capacity matches at One Call Stadium, in another move demonstrating huge progress made off-the-field at the club.

It means that the Stags will be able to hold 9,186 supporters inside the ground ahead of the club’s first season back in the Football League.

Historically, the club has been seen to endure a fractious relationship with the local authorities but after much bridge-building and new leadership at Mansfield Town, relationships with the authorities ‘have never been better’, club officials said.

After a Nottinghamshire County Council inspection, the club’s leadership, safety staff and stewards were commended and the Stags are now considered as a leader in sports ground safety management in League Two.

Before the start of the new football season, Nottinghamshire County Council chairs an annual safety inspection and audit of the stadium.

The inspections include checks on the physical integrity of the stadium, such as the structural condition of stands and seats.

There is also a thorough audit of the club’s approach to safety which includes the importance placed on safety by upper management at the club and the quality of stewarding. No significant concerns were found during the inspection today (Thursday 18th July) and inspectors were impressed by the exemplary safety plans and procedures in place.

The Safety Advisory Group carried out the inspection which is made up of representatives of Nottinghamshire County and Mansfield District Councils, the emergency services, Mansfield Town Football Club, Stags Supporters’ Association and the ground’s stewarding company.

Joint Operations Directors Paul & Tina Broughton were delighted to receive the news: “This is fantastic news and is testament to the hard work of our safety and administration staff. It is another sign that the club is making the right progress off-the-pitch.

“The news vindicates the decision to introduce allocated seating at One Call Stadium and the decision to withdraw ‘cash turnstiles’.

“We place huge importance on safety at One Call Stadium and work very closely with the Safety Advisory Group, police and local authorities. “

Rob Fisher, Group Manager responsible for Safety of Sports Grounds for the County Council, said “Mansfield Town Football Club has come along way in the last year and we are delighted to issue them with a safety certificate with no restrictions on capacity.

“The club have made very significant improvements to the stadium and have developed their expertise in safety management.”

Coun Glynn Gilfoyle, Chairman of the County Council’s Community Safety Committee, said: “I am delighted to hear the club is now a leader in sports ground safety management in the division that they will be playing in next season which is fantastic news for fans, visitors to the ground and the club alike.”