Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray delighted to see England v France match go ahead after atrocities

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Adam Murray said he was delighted to see tomorrow night’s England v France international friendly go ahead, despite the atrocities in Paris on Friday night.

The French are still coming to terms with Friday’s events in which 129 people were killed and a further 99 left in a critical condition following a series of terror attacks across the city that shocked the world.

“It’s incredible what the world is coming to when you look at the state of play at the minute,” said Murray. “Everyone in the world has got to be on their guard.

“Watching the news last night, every little noise in France and people are running for cover which shouldn’t be the case.

“But I am a strong believer in these times that you stand up and be counted.

“I know the French have retaliated and fair play to them. There is no way as the human race we can sit back and let these things go on and not fight back.

“For the game to go ahead tomorrow is a really strong stance.”