MANSFIELD TOWN BLOG: Draw with Oxford United is a good point, says Stags fan Danny Catling

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Another week gone as a Stags fan and a defeat and a draw with a below par performance at Accrington and a better draw at home against Oxford.

On Monday, it was also the ssa fans forum with chairman John Radford. Fans got their chance to ask him whatever they wanted and the main thing I took from it was that he would like to be in the championship in two years.

He has said things before and nine times out of ten he’s got what he’s wanted! As we all know after we played so well against Notts County was that more times than not we haven’t performed in the next game.

As I couldn’t make it to Accrington, kindly a friend of mine told me what they thought on the night and these are there exact words: “Oh dear! Looked like a totally different team to what played at Notts County Friday, don’t think there was a best player! Didn’t think Hunt or Pearce did to much wrong though.

“Didn’t help that every time one of their players went down ref blew but we should of played them at their own game so we’d of got something of the ref. But end of the day Stags just weren’t up for it.”

It was no real surprise to any Stags fan, as Accrington has always been a team we have struggled with.

As the week went on just before the game on Saturday we got a message that Matty Blair has agreed to sign a new contract, which as I’ve stated in other blogs is really good news for the Stags. Welcome back Matty and good luck for this season!

I now move on to the game against Oxford and I’m going to have to be careful with my words as I, like many other Stags fans, was really angry after this. I felt that Oxford’s players did nothing but cheat, dive and tried getting our players sent of.

It was one of the worst team game plans that we’ve played, if they hadn’t of done this I’d have thought they could have been a decent team this season. But the more they dived the more the ref let them get away with.

I can’t remember hardly any bad challenge from Stags and we had quite a few yellow cards again for no reason! I don’t have any qualms on their penalty, as it was a penalty looking back at the footage but the game was ruined by the diving and the ref!

In other seasons though if this had happened I do feel like we would have probably lost so I do think this could be a very good point looking back! If people think otherwise please tell me.

I think the defence looked very good for us once again as well. Malvind Benning, Ryan Tafazoli, Kristian Pearce, Chris Clements and striker Craig Westcarr looking most likely to score all game for us.

Kristian Pearce being my man of the match even doing a cracking run forward near the end that could of resulted in a goal. I still feel confident this season and five points from our first four games is decent but a little bit disappointing.

I could be wrong but it is better than we have done in previous seasons! Come on Adam Murray’s Barmy Army and COYS!