Mansfield Town Adam Murray tries to look on bright side after 1-1 draw with AFC Wimbledon

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray tried to look on the bright side after a third successive 1-1 home draw, this time held by AFC Wimbledon.

The Dons went ahead through Tom Elliott after just six minutes, but Chris Clements rescued a point with a splendid 15th minute free kick.

Although they had some good spells of possession, Mansfield failed to give lone striker Matt Green adequate support and rarely looked like scoring.

“It was a really frustrating game that I never thought we were going to lose but, at the same time, I never thought we were going to win it,” said Murray.

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“We didn’t show enough care with the ball and we didn’t show enough penetration with the ball. When we did we went a bit long and we are better than that.

“The plus point was that for a team that’s not quite clicking at the moment is that we have not lost and other results have gone for us. But there is loads to work on.

“The frustrating thing is I know how good this group could be if they carried out instructions.

“But we are going to have a successful season, I won’t change my stance on that. To be bang-on average and not lose has got to be a plus point.

“I never thought we were going to lose the game. The only chance they were going to score was from one of our errors as I thought we took too many risks in the wrong areas.

“When you have got so many forwards over 6ft like they have, when they put the ball on you, it is difficult to deal with.

“We need to be better going forward with more attacking instinct and give more support to the front man. We didn’t look to have that balance about us today.”

He added: “I just said to them today that if some of our decision-making is like it is today, we won’t pass the ball, we’ll go back to banging it because then you take away risk. I can’t do that with these players – they are footballers.

“We want to play all over the park, but we have to understand we have one of the best strikers in the league but if don’t give him service he isn’t going to score goals.”