Mansfield boss Paul Cox demands action after Stags dressing room window is bricked

MANSFIELD Town manager Paul Cox demanded action be taken against the mindless Woking fans who put a brick through the away dressing room window and spat at Cox after Stags’ 2-1 win.

The brick hit keeper Alan Marriott and cut the back of his head which sparked a rush of players out into the car park where they and Cox confronted those responsible.

“Thankfully Alan was facing the other direction and only suffered a small cut,” said Cox. “But the shards of glass were huge and someone could have been blinded or scarred for life.

“Then they spat in my face and it went straight into my eye, I wouldn’t accept that on the street so I am not accepting that just because I am a footballer manager.

“We ran out into the car park and caught up with them and there were a few handbags.

“Whatever comes my way I will have to accept as I don’t know what the referee will put in his report. I have probably acted a bit rash and hasty but I will not accept what happened at this level of football.

“We’ve done all we can. It’s up to the home club now. The authorities must do something before a player gets seriously injured the way the game is going right now.

“I know it’s only a small minority of idiots but they need to be banned.”

On the game, he added: “I have to be over the moon with this result as not many sides come here and win.

“I was disappointed with the three officials tonight. I thought they were poor.

“Even their bench said for the Woking penalty that their lad had kicked the back of Junior Daniel’s calf.

“They lad slid into Alan Marriott after 15 minutes and left him with stud marks up his leg, yet we had four players booked for nothing as bad as that.”

Woking later said the supporter involved in the incident, a season ticket holder, had been detained and reported and would be banned from the club.