MacDonald reflects on thrilling win and dressing room spirit

Alex MacDonald in action for Stags.
Alex MacDonald in action for Stags.

Mansfield Town star Alex MacDonald says spirit in the dressing room at the One Call Stadium is making it a pleasure to come to work every day.

The Stags' fine run of form has coincided with MacDonald also playing well in a new, more attacking role, afforded to him by Steve Evans, something he also says is making a big difference to his own game.

And MacDonald, who his team-mates often cite as being a huge influence on the dressing room in terms of keeping spirits high, says it's a great time to be part of the Stags setup as they continue to prove a very hard team to beat.

He said: "“The spirit is brilliant at the moment. When you’re winning games and the spirit’s like it is, it’s a joy to come to work every day and it’s something we want to continue.

"I’ve always tried to keep spirits up. It’s important not to get to low when we’re losing nor too high when we’re winning. It’s part and parcel of the person I am in that I try and keep everyone happy in the dressing room, keep them together and maybe try and play a few jokes here and there.

“As a team we’re so together and have a base target for every game that’s first of all to keep a clean sheet and then to try and affect the game attacking wise. We’ve always tried to be hard to beat first of all and solid at the back, then anything that comes on top of that is a bonus.

“Attacking-wise we’ve been putting together some really good passages of play in recent months and if we can put all that together and make sure we’re more ruthless in front of goal then I think we’re in for a good second half of the season.”

On last week's thrilling 3-2 win over Cheltenham Town, MacDonald says that picking up the three points left everyone on a huge high.

He said: “It was a weird game that was full of red cards, good tackles, bad tackles, controversy on the sidelines – all great to watch if you’re a neutral but to come away on the winning team was a great feeling.

“It’s a great way to win a game. When you’ve not been at your best and steal it like that it’s always a thrill."

MacDonald has been used in a new role in recent weeks, playing just off striker Danny Rose, and it's a position he is enjoying playing in.

He added: "I was playing central midfield for a few games but then the manager played me off Danny against Cardiff and I really enjoyed it. I’m enjoying my football wherever I am on the pitch at the moment and it’s a pleasure to be part of this team and as long as I’m on the pitch I’m happy to play wherever the manager wants me.

“I get a bit more freedom in this role and have to make sure I get higher up the pitch and make sure Danny isn’t isolated. It’s enjoyable and not as much of a disciplined role like it is when you’re one of the two in midfield. It’s good to be able to get up there, use a bit more energy and try and make things happen at the top end of the pitch.

“Now I’m fully fit I’m enjoying playing 90 minutes which is so different to when I first came and wasn’t fit enough, as it’s frustrating not being able to affect the game from the stands.”