Losing skipper Nicky Hunt would be a major blow agree Mansfield Town fans

Mansfield Town's Nicky Hunt'Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town's Nicky Hunt'Picture by Dan Westwell

Mansfield Town fans believe that losing skipper Nicky Hunt will be a huge blow to the club if his proposed move to Leyton Orient goes through today.

The 32-year-old was a mainstay of the Bolton Wanderers side in its Premier League days, making 128 appearances for the Trotters, and that vast experience has been evident all season for Mansfield.

Hunt is also a huge character in the dressing room and is bound to be missed.

But Stags boss Adam Murray said the deal was good for Mansfield Town and the player and he didn’t feel he could stand in his way if Hunt wanted to link back up with his former Bolton team mate Kevin Nolan, now player-manager at Orient.

Internet and social media reaction from Stags fans has been largely unanimous in seeing Hunt’s departure as a major blow.

Ricahrdstags said: “What would a ‘very good bid’ actually be for a 32 year old League Two defender? It can’t be that much surely, so would perhaps be better to keep him seen as we missed him so much when he was out injured?”

DoomMerchant said: “Personally I’d think that would be a big loss. Hunt is both very decent and an on-field leader. I’d find selling him a mistake. The only sense I’d see in letting Nicky go would be because he’s unhappy at Mansfield Town. Otherwise I reckon it’d be a daft decision. Look how we missed him when we were injured.”

Die Hirsche said: “It’s absolutely awful news. He completely balanced the team when he came back from injury. This is a massive loss. Annoyed.”

Robdalst added: “It can’t be more than 10k considering his age but hopefully whatever if is can be added to the wage packet (as it’s extra money in theory) and get a top quality replacement. Luke O’Neill not pulling up any trees at Southend.

TM Wilson said: “If the club in for him are offering better wages then you could understand him wanting to go, that’s if Hunt wants to leave. If he goes it will be a huge loss. I think it’s the best back four we have had for years.”

Yorkshire Stags’ view was: “Bit miffed to be honest,” while Georgefostersbeard said: “If the deal is money for the club and professional development for Hunt then you can see why the club would let him go. Muzza says that they have a replacement and the risk in refusing to release Hunt to move on in his career that he would be an unhappy senior player in a small squad.”

Whoknows added: “He will be a great loss, he’s showed his experience at playing at the highest leave at times.”

Jamie said: “Shocking timing. Our season pretty much ground to a halt when he was out the side. Collins nor Rose are good enough at RB imo. Hopefully this replacement is good enough. For me, any hope of a decent finish hinges on finding a solid replacement, not another kid. The money offered best be worth it.”

However, AndyStag felt: “Not too bothered. It could have been worse - Clem, Green, Jack T, Benning, Pearce, Taff - do I need to continue? Hunt has been okay, but not outstanding. Too slow and although he is about 6ft 6ins that’s as far as he gets off the ground. Onwards and upwards - the club is bigger than any player and hopefully Murray has got something in mind.”