‘It’s a results business’ - Mansfield Town fans react to David Flitcroft’s departure

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Stags fans have taken to social media to express their views following the club’s dismissal of manager David Flitcroft.

Mansfield Town officially confirmed Flitcroft’s exit on Tuesday afternoon following Sunday’s play-off heartbreak against Newport County.

Head of football operations Greg Abbott, assistant manager Ben Futcher, goalkeeping coach Ian Pledger and performance analyst Dan Ashby have also been released from their positions as well.

Here’s how the fanbase reacted to the news...

Martin Imms: “I thought after Sunday he would be gone, but football is result business, Radfords wanted promotion simple as that, wishing David Flitcroft and Ben Futcher all the best and good luck to a successful season for John Dempster.”

Mick Hannant: “Genuinely gutted. Flitcroft and Futcher brought some honesty and pride back to the club after the whole Evans fiasco. Last couple of months haven’t been good but I honestly think he deserved another season.”

Kiefer Allsop-Clarke: “Little surprised but can’t blame them. To be fair he bottled play-offs last year, automatics this year and lost to Newport. He’s had his chances and again tbf, Radford said earlier in year that he had to get top three minimum. Dempster seems to have a great record with youth team and as a player for us. Knows the club inside out, good luck to him.”

Amarjit Gill: “Did well to get us where he did. The players need to take some blame too.”

Kerry Kay Thorlby-coy: “I did not see this comming. I thought he did well. If he was that bad we wouldn’t have finished we’re we have. I’ve said it all along they won’t spend money. Cheap option. Just because he’s good with youth doesn’t mean he’s going to be good enough. Get ready for some loans again. Or buying from non leagues. I hope I eat my words. But cannot see it.”

Lee Phillips: “Would have preferred an experienced manager, but this is the right decision, he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this season, all talk and no substance, he’s a mediocre manager, certainly wouldn’t have survived in League 1, when we get there we need to stay there! Good luck Dempster, hope you do well.”

David F J Williams: “I’m not surprised tbh but I wish them well and welcome to those moving up the ranks.”

Paul Vardy: “Can’t believe this, I honestly expected him (and think he deserved) to be given another season. Who bought the loanees in after new year? Was it Flitcroft or the Radfords because for me it was those players who disrupted our team and we were never the same again.”

Richard Bradley: “Must say I’m suprised, not sure about John Dempster but hope it proves to be an inspired appointment and he’ll get my full support.”

Richard Bingley: “He was too defensive in the last few games. At the end of the day they were a must win set of games and he didn’t deliver what the board expected.”